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Raptor 🦞

"People are dumb. The bees are my family now."

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R  a  p  t  o  r
> info on the player

"I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process," - Vincent Van Gogh

Quick Factz:
> #79219 ✥ Raptor
(or Raptorfang) ✥ he/they pronouns

> INTJ-T ✥ 2w1
✥ chaotic neutral ✥ Capricorn

> Johari Window

Who Am I?:
The short answer is, I don't know. Um, anyway, hey there bud, how's it hangin'? I'm Raptor, formerly known as Raptorfang or Twin Oaks Ranch if you're an oldie. I'm a dumb loser who likes listening to music to hide from my problems, drawing strange pictures, creating what only I would consider "poetry," and occasionally writing various stuff that features some of my many characters, all of which usually include vague commentary about society and peculiar speculations about the meaning of life.

Art Services:
status: OPEN (PM if interested)

rules: these will be discussed prior to order confirmation

> custom designs

I'm currently only doing horse designs. I also have very few bases that I use, so keep that in mind. My prices aren't set in stone yet, but they start at 50k for a simple custom and go up from there. Please keep in mind that I cannot do galaxy designs or most add-ons, and I may not feel comfortable doing some other designs as well. We can discuss specifics via PM.

> premade designs

check back later

> recolors

check back later


Spare Accounts:


Important Dates:
January 18, 2015: the day I joined EV

November 27, 2015: the day I became a deluxe member

January 18, 2018: the day the Greek Mythology RP thread was posted


Talking just for the sake of talking makes me uncomfortable, so please do not PM me if your only goal is to chat. Additionally, please try to avoid carrying on a conversation for longer than necessary. I ask this of you not because I'm standoffish or rude or anything, but because often grow quite nervous with small talk and therefore would really appreciate it if things were kept short and businesslike. Thank you for understanding.
> info on the ranch & its inhabitants

"A rocket won't fly unless somebody lights the fuse," - Homer Hickam

art services: open

horse(s) for sale: no

horse(s) for stud: yes
, 1

horse(s) for brood: yes
, 1

item(s) for sale/trade: no

boarding: yes, 60 stalls @ $10/wk

arena(s): yes, Local Racing, 6 slots @ $40

riding school: yes

clubs you should join: The LGBTQ+ Assoc., The Kindness Club

A Brief History of Twin Oaks Ranch:
Twin Oaks Ranch, or TOR, started out back in 2015 with no specialty or purpose, one that took in horses of all breeds and disciplines, but eventually shifted to just a Thoroughbred racehorse housing and breeding facility. After a short hiatus in early 2016 where no progress was made, the ranch shifted focus again, downsizing significantly and adding a new objective to the agenda: color. Still a racehorse ranch, its horses now sported not just pretty coats, but rare coats. Over the next few years, more breeds were added, each bred mainly for color but with a small focus on stats pertaining to their respective disciplines as well. Today, though not very bustling at the moment, the farm is still clinging to life, having held that same agenda for quite some time with no plans to change course.

TLDR; Raptor has spent the last four years trying to breed a smoky cream RbRb frame overo Thoroughbred without the use of any sort of coat-altering items - with no luck.

TOR Lines of the Past and Present:
Original Thoroughbred Lines

> Established 2015, ended 2016.
No name theme.

"Flames Of Ambition" - Color Thoroughbred Lines

> Established 2016.
Fire-themed names.

"Hurricane Season" - Color Chincoteague Lines

> Established 2016.
Natural disaster-themed names.

"Weather Report" - Color Arabian Lines

> Established 2016, ended 2018.
Weather-themed names.

"Misfit Toys" - Color Shetland Lines

> Established 2016.
Names are either song titles or song lyrics. Originally "Guilty Pleasures" until 1/4/19.

"Talentoso" - Stat Thoroughbred Lines

> Established 2016.
Names tend to reflect greatness or success.

"Ghosts Of Emotion" - Color Trakehner Lines

> Established 2018.
Edgy names.

"Weather Report II" - Color Paint Lines

> Established 2018.
Weather-themed names.

"Retro Kids" - Color Welsh Lines

> Established 2018.
Retro-themed names.

"Finality" - Color Clydesdale Lines

> Established 2018.
Names have something to do with endings or leaving.

"Euphonic Cenotaph" - Color Akhal-Teke Lines

> Established 2019. Names are the first name of a deceased artist of any kind.


яғ - horse was either bred or created by Twin Oaks Ranch

$ - horses in division are for stud/brood/sale, please read their public notes for their information

Account Information
Member Name Raptor 🦞
Member ID 79219
Account Type Deluxe (107 days left)
Joined January 18, 2015
Last Active 2019-09-15 13:20:48
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Money on Hand $1,288
Money in Bank $7,651,730
Player Level 15
Horses 34 / 90

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Member Level
Level 15 Experience 470135 (99%) EXP Required 471262 EXP Left 1127

Raptor 🦞's Horse Divisions
a [Flames Of Ambition - Color Thoroughbreds] 2 horses
Trained today
b [Hurricane Season - Color Chincoteagues] LOCKED 2 horses
Trained today
c [Misfit Toys - Color Shetlands] 2 horses
Trained today
d [Weather Report II - Color Paints] LOCKED 6 horses
Not trained today
e [Ghosts Of Emotion - Color Trakehners] LOCKED 4 horses
Trained today
f [Retro Kids - Color Welshes] LOCKED 4 horses
Trained today
g [Finality - Color Clydesdales] LOCKED 4 horses
Trained today
h [Euphonic Cenotaph - Color Akhal-Tekes] LOCKED 4 horses
Trained today
i [Talentoso - Stat Thoroughbreds] $ LOCKED 2 horses
Trained today
j [LOCKED Until Partner Ages] LOCKED 1 horses
Trained today
k [Miscellaneous] 3 horses
Trained today
xxx [Don't Fear The Reaper] LOCKED 0 horses

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