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"I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process," - Vincent Van Gogh

> #79219 ✥ Raptorfang/Raptor
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chaotic neutral Capricorn
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Talking just for the sake of talking makes me kind of uncomfortable, so please do not PM me if your only goal is to chat. Additionally, please try to avoid carrying on a conversation for longer than necessary. I ask this of you not because I'm standoffish or rude or anything, but because often grow quite nervous with small talk and therefore would really appreciate it if things were kept short. Thank you for understanding.

less important notice:

I am pretty much constantly caught in this state of indecision. This has been a PSA. :")


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Spare Accounts:


Important Dates:
January 18, 2015: the day that I joined EV

November 27, 2015: the day that I became a deluxe member

January 18, 2018: the day that the Greek Mythology RP thread was posted

About Me:
> Intro - Hey there! I'm Raptor, your friendly local idiot with either too much or too little time on their hands. I like donkeys, lobsters, memes, listening to music, drawing (sometimes??), and writing dumb stuff. My hobbies include ranting about my problems (that I likely caused), rambling about weird philosophical nonsense that literally no one cares about but me, eating Easy Mac, venting via my roleplay characters, listening to the same song on repeat for nearly an hour, and jokingly stanning WordPad. I enjoy learning about urban legends and the paranormal, and I really like history, which might explain my fascination with old stuff, whether it be a place or an object. Below is some more info that you may or may not be interested in.

> What's With The Name? - My game name is taken from my first ever Warrior Cats OC, Raptorfang (excuse the questionable name lol). The name stuck, and I eventually shifted to just Raptor. My donkey equisona now carries that name.

> RL Equines - I have a Tennessee Walking Horse gelding and a miniature donkey stallion. I used to barrel race, but not anymore.

> Roleplaying - I have played as horses, cats, humans, wolves, and dragons, though I really only enjoy humans nowadays. I'm not too big on private RPs, though feel free to PM me if you're looking for a public RP to join, as I'm in quite a few of them atm and it's always fun to be able to add another player to our little RP friend group. :)

> Interests - I am a huge fan of PJO, HoO, ToA, MCGA, and The Kane Chronicles. I also like Warriors, but I've lost interest in the newer books, so, quite frankly, I might not ever finish the series. I like to watch Survivor and a wide array of dorky paranormal shows on television. Music is my favorite thing ever, probably, and as such, I don't really stick to just one genre, though my heart lies mainly with the broad, turbulent genre of rock. I am especially fond of strange music that pushes boundaries, whether that mean being incredibly punk or just simply weird.
Uhh I'm rambling now sorry I'm done. PM me for inconsistent song recommendations if you want.
> Conclusion - I'm too lazy to put more junk here, so if you're curious, you can PM me I guess. Just please keep in mind that I'm not very fond of talking just to talk.

Art Services:
currently: OPEN (PM if interested)

> rules* - please PM me if you are unsure of something

> custom designs

I'm currently only doing horse designs. I also have very few bases that I use, so keep that in mind. My prices aren't set in stone yet, but they start at 50k for a simple custom and go up from there. Please keep in mind that I cannot do galaxy designs or most add-ons, and I may not feel comfortable doing some other designs as well. We can discuss specifics via PM.

> premade designs

check back later

> recolors

check back later

*there is one inaccuracy: you MAY resell designs, but not for more than you purchased them for

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> horse info

> other game-related info

"A rocket won't fly unless somebody lights the fuse," - Homer Hickam

art services: open

horse(s) for sale: no

horse(s) for stud: yes

horse(s) for brood: yes

item(s) for sale: no

Welcome to Twin Oaks Ranch (TOR)!
I am the owner of The LGBTQ+ Association.

I am an admin of The Kindness Club.

Division key:

$ - horses are for stud/brood/sale, please read their public notes or scroll down for specific information

Marketplace trades:

none currently

Stable/arenas/riding school:

Two oak trees mark the end of the dirt road that leads to the huge ranch. The trees are connected by a branch that has grown between them, so over the years they have become one being. A series of barns can be seen in the near distance. A large wooden sign nearby the oaks states the following: "Twin Oaks Ranch & Twin Oaks Downs - Est. 2015". The sound of a horse whinnying can be heard coming from one of the barns. The sound of many galloping hooves can be heard coming from a racetrack in the distance.

My stable, Twin Oaks Ranch, currently has 25 boarding spaces open, priced at $10 per week. I only have one arena, priced at $40 per horse: Twin Oaks Downs, which is local racing (6 training slots). Here's a list of all of my shows that have ever been held in that arena, priced at $20 per entry: The Twin Oaks Handicap, The Icefire Memorial, The Rocky Stakes, and The Thanksgiving Stakes. All of those have been racing shows (though The Icefire Memorial alternates between racing and western), except for a few occasions when I made The Twin Oaks Handicap and The Icefire Memorial dressage on accident. I also have a riding school: Twin Oaks Riding Lessons.

What I focus on:

To start things off, I just breed for fun. :)

My Thoroughbreds (racing), Chincos (show jumping), Shetlands (western), Trakehners (show jumping), Paint Horses (western), Welsh Ponies (racing), Clydesdales (racing), and Tekes (racing) are being bred for color. I also have some former/current raise-a-foundation/raise-a-rescue TBs specialized in show jumping, and I hope to breed for stats using those lines. I will occasionally create a foundation horse to use as a project, which will be used for stud/brood once they gain enough stats.
For all of my horses besides my stat TBs and random projects, here are my priorities* from most important to least important: color - stats - confo - pedigree/relatives - points.

*please remember that this is my personal horse-judging system and that you don't have to agree with me

TBs - smoky cream + frame overo + homozygous rabicano

Trakes - homozygous roan, face/leg markings

Clydes - solid bay, solid chestnut, solid black, face/leg markings

Chincos, Shetlands - homozygous rabicano, flaxen

Paints, Welshes - n/a

Tekes - TBD

Breed history:
I've always loved Thoroughbred racehorses, so my first 3 horses (Ruffian MM, Stingray Affliction, and their daughter Icefire) were of that breed! After that, I got lots of different breeds, some of which aren't in the present-day game anymore. Later on, I started breeding just TBs, but focused on nothing in particular. This resulted in generally bad stock. I was very proud of my one red roan, but that little bit of pride was erased in the recode due to roan being taken out of the breed. Now, I still breed TBs. I started this project around August 2016. My new project horses (the ones I breed, at least) actually have bloodlines dating back to my first 3 horses, too! Cool, right?
Now, the Chincos were not really planned. Around September 2016, I picked up one black rabicano gem from the RC (Handsome Thunder). I then got a foundation mare (Dun Smoked It), who turned out rabicano, too! I randomized her color, because it was gray, and got smoky cream, which isn't very common. I started breeding them, since I already had 2 good horses, and now I have quite a few nice Chincos! I'm trying to get rarer colors - not necessarily the highest-in-demand ones - while keeping rabicano as at least one of the patterns.

The Arabians, which are my mom's favorite breed, were a color project started in October 2016. However, I quickly got bored with them because they just don't have that many colors. This project came to a close in February 2018.

I got my Shetlands because their club is very active and fun-looking, and because their art is adorable. They are a color project, started in November 2016. I'm now obsessed with these beans.

My stat project TBs started out as raise-a-foundation horses, starting in September 2016.

I got the TWHs so that I could have more riding school/leisure riding horses, starting in December 2017. It turned into a rescue of sorts, but I got tired of having to take care of so many horses.

My first Trakehner was Broken Dreams, who I bought in February 2018. I started breeding Trakes because I had been in love with their artwork for quite a while before I finally caved in and bought a couple.

I got my first few Paint Horses in March 2018. What can I say? They were my favorite breed when I was little, plus their artwork is really pretty.

I'd been wanting another racing breed (and just another breed in general, because I really dig this name theme) for quite some time, so I gave in and bought four Welsh Ponies in June 2018 (Tomorrow's Money, Oasis, Ricki, Dun It Stressed).

Clydesdales are so cute! I just had to get them... in June 2018, to be precise. They came only a few days after the Welshes. My first pair was Bittersweet Nostalgia and This Is The End, though they ended up getting assigned different mates.

I got my first Teke, Belenos, on March 29, 2019. I bought him because I had been eyeing Tekes for a while and thought he was very pretty, but the name theme I decided to go with for them has a much more solemn backstory. Earlier that day, I'd learned about the tragedy responsible for the deaths of the members and tour manager of the band Her's, who I'd never heard of before, but quickly grew to enjoy upon giving a few of their songs a listen. I figured I should find some way to pay homage to them and others like them: Promising artists taken before their time. And so, the mare I purchased to be Belenos' mate, Audun, was named after one of the members of Her's. Rest in peace, guys.

If I purchase a horse that has a brand/prefix in their name, I will attempt to preserve it. Any horses that I personally breed or create from 1-2-18 onward will have the brand яғ after their name. I used the brand (M~M) for forever and a day (since I joined), but I no longer like it. Also, if a horse's name says "(G 1)" but it's not actually a generation 1 horse, it's because it's the first generation of my project. The same goes for all the other generation-numbered horses. RAF horses and any other miscellaneous contest horses will have the prefix "RF's".

My color project TBs have fire-themed names, my Chincos have natural disaster-themed names, my Paints have sky/weather-related names (the Arabs used to have this name theme as well), my Shetlands have names that are either song titles or lines from songs, my Trakes have angsty emotion-themed names, my Welshes have retro-themed names, my Clydes have end/nostalgia-themed names, and my Tekes are to be given the first names of deceased artists (painters, musicians, etc. - any kind). My stat TBs have single-word names with no real theme, though they tend to have something to do with greatness, success, etc. My project horses are named based on the order in which I got them. Dubbed "The Rocky Project", my TWHs were all named Rocky in honor of my real-life horse, with a roman numeral after their name to represent the order in which I made/bought/received them.

*if I buy a horse that already has a name, it will most likely retain that name, regardless of theme

My lines:
Old Thoroughbred Lines: Established 2015, ended 2016.

Flames Of Ambition - Color Thoroughbred Lines: Established 2016.

Hurricane Season - Color Chincoteague Lines: Established 2016.

Weather Report - Color Arabian Lines: Established 2016, ended 2018.

Misfit Toys [originally Guilty Pleasures until 1/4/19] - Color Shetland Lines: Established 2016.

Talentoso - Stat Thoroughbred Lines: Established 2016.

Ghosts Of Emotion - Color Trakehner Lines: Established 2018.

Weather Report II - Color Paint Lines: Established 2018.

Retro Kids - Color Welsh Lines: Established 2018.

Finality - Color Clydesdale Lines: Established 2018.

Euphonic Cenotaph - Color Akhal-Teke Lines: Established 2019.

Horses for stud/brood/sale (PM if interested):
> One | 5k stud fee | Quarter Horse | foundation | western | 763 stats | has 1 foal | currently locked | please read his public notes for more info | PM if interested

> RF's Fantastic | 40k brood fee | Thoroughbred | second-gen | show jumping | 1025 stats | has 0 foals | currently locked | please read her public notes for more info | PM if interested

> RF's Hopeful | 30k stud fee | Thoroughbred | foundation | show jumping | 825 stats | has 0 foals | currently locked | please read his public notes for more info | PM if interested

> Two | 5k brood fee | Clydesdale | foundation | driving | 784 stats | has 0 foals | currently locked | please read her public notes for more info | PM if interested

> RF's Gamble | 1k stud fee | Shetland Pony | lined | driving | 650+ stats | has 0 foals

> RF's Chance | 1k brood fee | Shetland Pony | lined | driving | 650+ stats | has 0 foals

> RF's Luck | 1k brood fee | Shetland Pony | lined | driving | 650+ stats | has 0 foals

> RF's Ranger | 0.5k stud fee | Thoroughbred | foundation | racing | 600+ stats | has 0 foals

> RF's Triumph | 0.5k stud fee | Akhal-Teke | foundation | show jumping | 320+ stats | has 0 foals

The Fine Print™:
If you made it this far, feel free to message me to redeem a FREE breeding to any one of the following horses: One, Two, RF's Gamble, RF's Chance, RF's Luck.

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Raptor 🦞's Horse Divisions
a [Flames Of Ambition - Color Thoroughbreds] 2 horses
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b [Hurricane Season - Color Chincoteagues] LOCKED 2 horses
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c [Misfit Toys - Color Shetlands] LOCKED 2 horses
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d [Weather Report II - Color Paints] LOCKED 6 horses
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e [Ghosts Of Emotion - Color Trakehners] LOCKED 4 horses
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f [Retro Kids - Color Welshes] LOCKED 4 horses
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g [Finality - Color Clydesdales] LOCKED 4 horses
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h [Euphonic Cenotaph - Color Akhal-Tekes] LOCKED 4 horses
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i [LOCKED Until Partner Ages] LOCKED 1 horses
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j [Talentoso - Stat Thoroughbreds] $ LOCKED 2 horses
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k [Current Project Horses] LOCKED 1 horses
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l [Completed Project Horses] $ LOCKED 2 horses
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m [Current Contest Horses] LOCKED 0 horses
n [Completed Contest Horses] $ LOCKED 5 horses
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o [Miscellaneous] LOCKED 1 horses
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p [WIP] LOCKED 0 horses
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