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"Looking to buy low nss foundation QHs"

A little about me...

I am 25 years old and am currently going to school to become a veterinary technician. I do have a degree in Biology, but soon after graduating realized that I wanted to be on a different level with animals medically. I will be graduating in December 2019 and cannot wait to finally be able to call myself a vet tech! Once I graduate I will have to take an exam in order to become certified, but it's just one step closer to my end goal. Vet technicians can become specialized in a specific field and I would like to eventually specialize in Equines.

I have been riding horses since I was 5 years old, and started competing at 6 years old. I used to ride all sorts of different horses from Haflingers, Morgans, and Icelandic horses, but started to stick to just riding Quarter Horses when I was 10. From then on out I only rode Quarter Horses and competed in the AQHA (American Quarter Horse Association) circuit. I love this breed, their personalities, calm demeanors, and overall conformation really appeal to me. I have been leasing QHs for years, and hope to one day own my own.


Striving to produce quality performance Quarter Horses

RIVERWIND quality can be defined as:
Low non-specialty stats-Less than 60
Success in the Western Show Circuit
Good Conformation-No "poors"
Rare Colors- No paint patterns

I am currently working with foundations in order to reach the quality I desire. I breed for success in the western show circuit first and foremost. Without low non-specialty stats this would not be possible. I like to keep the NSS below 60, especially for foundations.

Conformation is also important to me, all of my foundations have zero "poor"s in their conformations. I am hoping they will naturally improve over time. I will only keep a horse that has a "poor" in their conformation if their NSS is worth the hit.

One of the reasons I love Quarter Horses is because of their wide range of pretty colors. This is why I prefer not to have paint patterns. In my opinion it takes away from their color, as I want to see as much of the color as possible. I am okay with rabicano and roan, but prefer solid color. I am obsessed with anything dun, and would eventually like to see my entire herd be some color combination with dun.

STALLIONS All stallions will be bred a total of four times. I will be allowing at least two, possibly three, of those times to be open to established Quarter Horse breeders. I will be listing multiple foundation studs when they turn 19 years old, keep a look out!

MARES  All mares will be bred a total of four times. I am open to allowing two public breedings to established Quarter Horse breeders. Message me if interested.

FOR SALE Prices always negotiable

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