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The Cryptic Cat

"Really looking forward to 2020!"

About Me

Hello, welcome to my page! ^^ My name is Michaella(Mic-hay-la) but you might know me as Native Pride, NPR, etc. I am 26 years old, married(Zarris on EV), and have a baby girl on the way. I am a CNA(Certified Nursing Assistant) and my hubby is a RN(Registered Nurse). We both work home health. Since I've been pregnant I've actually been taking several certificate courses for pets so by the end of it I'll have:

Dog training certificate
Dog grooming certificate
Pet sitting certificate
Pet psychology certificate
Pet nutrition certificate
Pet first aide certificate
Complete pet care certificate
Canine communication certificate

I'm really excited. My goal is to get all these, get my hands on, and then try and do dog training, dog walking, dog grooming, and help my local rescue obedience train their rescues and groom them to help them get adopted.

Let's see... I am easy going, I like talking to people. I also like: the outdoors, animals, horseback riding, gaming, walking, LARPING(Live Action Role Playing), art, drawing, writing, playing D&D(Dungeons and Dragons), riding motorcycles, camping, hiking, movies, reading, etc. I've also been on EV for 11 years, I joined in 2008. It doesn't seem as active as it use to be, and I've even been on and off last few years but came back more active now. I still love it here. It helps get stress off by having the art to do, and I have some friends on here too I keep in touch with. Seeing new faces(so to speak) really brightens my day, too. Because this really is an awesome simulated horse site.

Whelp, that's about it I guess. If you have any questions or just want to say 'hi' feel free to message me!


I provide many different services. Mostly art related. Below is a list of things I do. If I need to edit any of this I will if it's not allowed.

1. Art. I can do tags, iconsbanners/signatures, regular sized art, manips(not often), reference sheets, and sometimes I do animation art. Most my art consists of recolors, I don't normally make lines because it takes the fun out of everything for me so I pay people to do my lines for me based on a sketch or what I'm wanting, etc. I also do role plays sometimes that involve you getting free art, too.
2. Help with your art. I can help you with your art if you're new, like help give you some tips, or step-by-steps, etc. I sometimes will collab with people also on their art threads where I will help recolor difficult characters or add ad ons for you. It really depends what the person needs help with.
3. Venting buddy. I am here for anyone who needs someone to vent to. I know growing up it has helped having someone, anyone to talk to to vent off stress and frustration and had them listen to me. It really can take a weight off your shoulders. So if you need someone to talk to or vent to, I'm all ears. ^^
4. Role plays. I'm usually up for role plays, but 1 on 1 might be better because if it's too many people I may not have time to keep up or respond.
5. Unwanted horses. I can take your unwanted horses off your hands. They help me level my arenas, so although you can just take them to the rescue center and drop them off it helps me having horses to train everyday to level my arenas up. So that is why I rescue. I am more of a horse haven, where horses come to live out their lives verses being killed or sold.
6. Boarding. I can board your horses if you really need a place to board, just message me. I'm trying to get more involved in the game part of EV verses just the art side so I'm trying to expand and build up my stable.
7. Items. I sell all the tack I end up looting and I sell them all really cheap just to get them out of my inventory so keep a watch out on the items I put up for sale. I keep all my food items, though.
8. Tarot/oracle. I do tarot readings for free or oracle spirit card readings.

If you have any questions feel free to pm me!

My Characters

Phantom | stallion | mates with Storybook(Wiki)
Alita | mare | mate: N/A
Horra | mare | mate: N/A
Chandresh | stallion | mate: N/A
Beastie | filly | mate: N/A
Gypsy | mare | mate: N/A
Mystic | mare | mate: N/A
Na'vi | mare | mate: N/A
Aiden | colt | mate: N/A
Ingwe | mare | mates with Arman
Arman | stallion | mates with Ingwe
Ophelia | mare | mate: N/A
(Sal)mon | gelding | Unnamed mare

~Helpful notes~

Stat grades:

N1 100-149

N2 150 -199

N3 200-249

N4 250-299

N5 300 -349

L1 350-399

L2 400-449

L3 450-499

L4 500-549

L5 550-599

R1 600-699

R2 700-799

R3 800-899

R4 900-999

R5 1,000-1,099

Nat1 - 1,100-1,299

Nat2 - 1,300-1,499

Na3 - 1,500-1,699

Na4 - 1,700-1899

Na5 - 1,900-2,099

I1 - 2,100-2,499

I2 - 2,500-2,999

I3 - 3,000-3,999

I4 - 4,000-4,999

I5 - 5,000+


Red apple - strength boost

Yellow apple - agility boost

Green apple - intelligence boost

Turnip - endurance boost

carrot - speed boost

Sugar cube - 0-1 speed, strength, agility, endurance, intelligence

Hay cube - 0-2 speed, strength, agility, endurance, intelligence

Peppermints - 0-3 speed, strength, agility, endurance, intelligence


Splint boots / tail guard - 3 speed, strength, agility, endurance, intelligence

Dressage - agility / intelligence

Endurance - endurance / intelligence

Jumping - speed / agility

Racing - speed / endurance

Western - speed / intelligence

Driving - strength / endurance

Player level perks:

Level to access Forums (21383 total EXP needed)

Level 4 to Expand Horse Capacity (+20383 for 41766 total EXP needed)

Level 5 to Upgrade Tack (+29352 for 71118 total EXP needed)

Level 6 to breed horses (+39951 for 111069 total EXP needed)

Level 10 to access the Auction House (+596822 for 707891 total EXP needed)

Level up by showing, riding school doing group lessons, training, leisure riding.


Base colors:

EE aa = black | Ee aa = black carrying red | ee = chestnut/red/sorrel

E_A+A+ = wild bay E_A+A = carrying bay E_A+At = carrying brown E_A+a = carrying non-agouti

E_AA = bay E_AAt = carrying brown E_Aa = carrying non-agouti E_AtAt = brown E_Ata = carrying non-agouti


GG = gray | Gg = gray carrying non-gray | gg = non-gray


E_aa Crcr = smoky black E_A_ Crcr = buckskin E_At_ Crcr = seal brown cream ee Crcr = palomino E_aa CrCr = smoky cream E_A_ CrCr = perlino E_At_ CrCr = moreno ee CrCr = cremello


DD = dun | Dd = dun carrying non-dun | dd = non-dun

E_aa D_ = black dun or grullo/grulla E_A_D_ = bay dun or classic dun E_At_D_ = brown dun or seal brown dun ee_D_ = chestnut dun or red dun


ChCh = champagne | Chch = champagne carrying non-champagne | chch = non-champagne

E_aa Ch_ = classic champagne E_A_Ch_ = amber champagne E_at_Ch_ = sable champagne ee Ch_ = gold champagne E_aa Cr_Ch_ = classic cream champagne or classic ivory champagne E_A_Cr_Ch_ = amber cream champagne or amber ivory champagne E_At_Cr_Ch_ = sable cream champagne or sable ivory champagne ee Cr_Ch_ = ivory gold champagne or gold ivory champagne

Other modifiers:


ff = flaxen | Ff = non-flaxen carrying flaxen | FF = non-flaxen


Zz = silver | Zz = silver carrying non-silver | zz = non-silver

E_ aa Zz = silver black

E_ aa ZZ = silver black

E_A_ Zz = silver bay

E_A_ ZZ = silver bay


PP = pangare | Pp = pangare carrying non-pangare | pp = non-pangare

E_A_P_ = bay with pangare ee P_ = chestnut with pangare


StySty = sooty | Stysty = soot carrying non-sooty | stysty = non-sooty

White patterns


RbRb = rabicano | Rbrb = rabicano carrying non-rabicano | rbrb = non-rabicano

E_ Rbrb = black rabicano E_RbRb = black rabicano


White (dominate white)

WW = impossible/lethal | w+ = white carrying non-white | ++ = non-white


TOTO = tobiano | TO+ = tobiano carrying non-tobiano | ++ non-tobiano

E_A_TO+ = heterozygous tobiano E_A_TOTO = heterozygous tobiano


RnRn = roan | Rn+ = roan carrying non-roan | ++ non-roan

E_ aa Rn+ = black roan or blue roan E_ aa RnRn = black roan or blue roan E_A_Rn+ = bay roan or red roan E_A_RnRn = bay roan or red roan E_At_Rn+ = seal brown roan or purple roan E_At_RnRn = seal brown roan or purple roan ee Rn+ = chestnut roan or strawberry roan ee RnRn = chestnut roan or strawberry roan


SbSb = sabino | Sb+ = sabino carrying non-sabino | ++ non-sabino

E- Crcr Sb+ = smoky black sabino E- CrCr SbSb = smoky black sabino

Kit combinations

WT = white tobiano WRn = white roan WSb = white sabino TSb = tobiano sabino RnT = roan tobiano RnSb = roan sabino


OO = lethal | Oo = overo carrying non-overo | oo non-overo 

E_At_ Oo = seal brown frame overo


SpSp = splash | Spsp = splash carrying non-splash | spsp = non-splash

E_ aa Spsp = black splash E_ aa SpSp = black splash

Leopard complex

LPLP =varnish | LPlp = carnish carrying non-varnish | lplp = non-varnish

Pattern 1

LPlp patn1patn1 patn2patn2 = varnish LPLP patn1patn1 patn2patn2 = varnish

LPlp PATN1patn1 = leopard LPlp PATN1PATN1 = near leopard LPLP PATN1patn1 = near few-spot LPLP PATN1PATN1 = few spot

Pattern 2

LPlp PATN2patn2 = small spotted blanket LPlp PATN2PATN2 = large spotted blanket LPLP PATN2patn2 = small snowcap LPLP PATN2PATN2 = large snowcap

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