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Mürǝkkǝb Qara

"Loving EV!"

ALL HORSES ON THIS ACCOUNT ARE OPEN TO PURCHASE OFFERS. My Rescues are selected for their breed (to keep my numbers even) and whatever catches my eye. As such I may well have adopted hidden gems that someone may consider wasted solely working in Riding Schools. Feel free to make an offer!

ALL HORSES ON THIS ACCOUNT ARE AVAILABLE FOR STUD/BROOD AT 18 YEARS OF AGE. $750 fee each.  As overbreeding seems to be something a lot of people worry about on EV, I will not accept requests if either horse involved (mine or yours) has two or more foals at the time I receive your inquiry. I haven't played for long so know little about the issue, but I can hopefully avoid contributing to the problem.

NOTE: None of my Rescues are genotyped unless they were adopted with their genes already revealed. None have received treats whilst I have owned them, and none have been shown or trained. They are primarily money earners for me, so other than vet/farrier and feed mix they receive no special treatment.

If anyone wishes to breed to/from my horses and wants an official genotype first, I am happy to go halves on the Genotype fee ($1000, so I and the other person pay $500 each). I can also supply an unofficial genotype (by using the Horse Search) for no cost; this will let you know what the genotype is but will not show up on the horse's page.

This is my Rescues for Riding School account. All the horses on here are adopted from the Rescue Centre, and earn money at Riding Schools to pay for the credits I need.

The horses are all specialised in Endurance. The EN preceding their name denotes this, with DR, DV, SJ, RA and WS being used on the odd horse with a differing speciality.

They are named alphabetically in order of adoption, with the lower case letters denoting which round of the alphabet I am up to. Their names are selected from lists of the most popular names in the countries that their breeds originate from (eg, TWH get popular names in the US and Lipi's get names popular in Austria). There are occasionally letters missed in the alphabet cycle because there are no names available.

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