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"Currently: Summer break, with some vet shadowing and school work mixed in"

-- I breed for stats, conformation is more of a side note to me and something I'll refine as I go along. Same goes for coloring.
-- I may sell horses from this line if I find that I cannot manage a large herd
-- I breed at 16, 18, and 20. Foundation horses aren't put up for public stud unless I don't plan on breeding them myself
**First foals from this line have been born and are already exceeding my expectations! I cannot wait to see the next few foals that come along! 

-- Bred for stats and color, stats being the main priority
-- All foundations that met my standards were adopted from the RC, the rest were bought from the breeding stable (or whatever its called)
-- Breeding at 16, 18, and 20

-- Collaboration with Bandit
-- I have stallions, Bandit has mares (My stallions have have names based off of Narnia)
-- Breeding for high stats

-- Chincoteague studs with names based off of soda 
-- Each stud will have 3-5 breedings
-- Chincos will specialize in show jumping
-- Contact me if you are interested in breeding. All horses are foundations and are 1st come 1st serve.

-- Experimental line, trying new training/treating methods
-- If I am still interested in continuing this line, the horses will be bred at 16, 18, and 20
-- These horses will be sold if I can't handle this line 

-- If you'd like to use one of my mares for one of your stallions, please contact me!
-- Most of my stallions will only do one outside breeding to keep lines clean
-- If a horse is not up for sale, you may PM me but it is unlikely that I will sell you that horse
-- I delete bids that aren't at least 50% of the asking price of the horse

N1 100-149  Done w/ WH, DQH, ETB, SDP
N2 150 -199 Done w/WH, DQH, ETB, SDP
N3 200-249 Done w/WH, DQH, ETB, SDP
N4 250-299 Done w/WH, DQH, ETB, SDP
N5 300 -349 Done w/WH, DQH, ETB, WHG2
L1 350-399 Done w/WH, DQH, ETB
L2 400-449 Done w/WH, DQH
L3 450-499 Done w/WH, DQH
L4 500-549 Done w/WH, DQH
L5 550-599 Done w/WH, DQH
R1 600-699 Done w/DQH
R2 700-799
R3 800-899
R4 900-999
R5 1,000-1,099
Nat1 - 1,100-1,299
Nat2 - 1,300-1,499
Na3 - 1,500-1,699
Na4 - 1,700-1899
Na5 - 1,900-2,099
I1 - 2,100-2,499
I2 - 2,500-2,999
I3 - 3,000-3,999
I4 - 4,000-4,999
I5 - 5,000+

WH= War Horses
DQH= Dressage QHs
ETB= Endurance TBs
SDP= Soft Drink Ponies
WHG2= 2nd Generation War Horses

I am 2 hours ahead of EV time

My Character/Art Website

Prizes to Redeem
- 1 free tag recolor from Nittrous (#93632)

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