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"NFR time!"

People that owe me stuff:

Altair- greyscaled lineart

Tupelo- Custom Tag and sig

Ryaisy- 3 pixel icons

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Member Name Laney
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Joined March 20, 2014
Last Active 2017-08-18 10:31:02
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Money on Hand $0
Money in Bank $13,508,711
Player Level 14
Horses 13 / 120 (0 unborn foals)

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Level 14 Experience 392989 (94%) EXP Required 417450 EXP Left 24461

Laney's Horse Divisions
Appies 1 horses
Not trained today
Appoloosa 0 horses
DW 10 horses
Not trained today
Lαɳҽყ'ʂ Mιɳιαƚυɾҽ Hσɾʂҽʂ 0 horses
not needed 0 horses
not needed 0 horses
not needed 0 horses

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