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"i wish spring would stop coming and going, darn mid-western weather ;-;"

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About Me
My name is Aglet. I have a Bachelors of Science in Biology with an EEO emphasis, and I work in an entomology lab (I work with bees). I'm always available to help out new players or answer general gameplay questions.

I'm very busy right now w/ RL adulting and everything so please don't get too upset if I don't respond immediately to PM's.

I will take any and all unwanted unicorn plushies, I pay 50 EVD each for them. Just send them and I'll send payment.

Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please.
-Mark Twain

My Characters

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My Policies
Please read all of these before sending me a PM, just in case your query can be answered here. :)

If you purchase a horse from me it is yours to do with as you please, you'll never hear a complaint from me. I do check out potential owners before accepting bids and I do check in on my lined foals after I sell them.

(1) Horses that are part of foundation projects aren't for sell unless otherwise stated. However, if you see a lined Quarter Horse foal (under 5) that you want, PM me I might sell. If you'd like a custom foal PM me, I might be willing to work something out.

Feel free to make offers on any horse listed for sell (including EVC, treats, art, etc.). Please PM me with specific offers rather than asking about prices; my standard pricing = 100*stats + 5k per dilute (At,Cr,D,Ch,Z,f) +5k per marking gene (T,Sb,Rn,O,Sp,STY,P) excluding tobiano & overo in mustangs, TWH, & shetlands

(3) Always feel free to PM asking about a stud or broodmare arrangement, I love doing these for other players and any horse OLDER than 16 is available for breedings. If you want to schedule a breeding with a horse that is younger than 16, you must be willing to wait for that horse to age to 16 or older.

(4) Don't PM me asking for money or advertising something you've already posted in the forums, I'm an active forum participant so I've probably already seen your post.

(5) Please PM me if you have an outstanding stud request. I try to accept or deny private stud requests the moment I first see them; however sometimes I miss them or whatever. Feel feel free to PM me if it has been 24 hrs or more since you sent the request if I haven't yet accepted/rejected it.

(5) Any horses transferred to my account without my prior consent will be mine to do with as I please, including but not limited to, culling, gelding, putting in the RC, selling, or giving away. If you bog down my account with your unwanted horses, you may be put on my private blacklist at which point you will not be able to purchase horses from me in private sales, use my private breeding services, or interact with me in the Marketplace Trading system. The length of this ban will be case specific, but no shorter than 6 months. 

Aglet's Competitive Ranking 2.0:
This is how I rank the competitiveness of horses using their non-spec stats. Take each non-spec stat and subtract it from 20. Add the resulting numbers together. Now you have Aglet's C-Score for your horse. The highest C-Score you can have is 60 and there isn't a cap on how low it can go.

[m/d]: next breeding date
{m/d}:date to lock horse
|important genomic info|: very important to me genomic information used this more before the recode, is slowly disappearing from my herd
My Many Breeding Programs:

Nashville Music:
These are my colorful Quarter Horses which were chosen based only on their low non-spec stats. They have been decked to the nines with color & coat randomizers. I will be adding silver and flaxen as the funds become available to me.

Insect Collection:
These are my brown based Quarter Horses, most bought from the EC with brown bases but a few have coat randomizers applied to them. All have common names of insects, because aglet is an entomologist c:

Phoenix Project:
These are 10 pairs of QHs purchased from Yeon. They all have coat applicators applied to them so they display a variety of desirable coat genes. All of these horses will be bred in hopes of maintaining their desirable genetic qualities. Extra foals from these breedings will be sold or incorporated into my reboot project.

Jackalope Project:
These are the QHs I first purchased when starting the new version of Equiverse; they were to be my restart in the QH breed. However due to a lack of understanding about the new version of the game when it first came out they didn't become as good as they could've been. Many of them have color and marking randomizers/applicators used on them.

Darkest Knights:
These are my driving Freisians, who will be entered into the NADF when they are old enough, excluding the few who have conformation that is too low. Many of these horses where purchased from #115391 Olympea, 12 were purchased from windspun, and the other four where picked up from the RC based on their low non-spec stats. I have nine chestnut Freisians, feel free to enquire about future breeding reservations.

Tennessee Whiskey:
My gorgeous TWH, I've thrown credits on them to make them flaxeny and silvery. Also they have a lot of splash, all are endurance trained.

At The Track:
My tekes, all trained in racing. They have cream, sabino, and STY. These horses were purely chosen based on their leg markings and/or non-spec stats.

Feather Brains:
My line of gypsy vanners which were bought as 2nd gens to begin my own line while attempting to stimulate the horse market ;)

Small But Mighty:
My shetland ponies. Chosen based on their color (specifically on their STY genes); these foals were created before foal training and missed it by just a few days ;-;

Lab Rats:
My show jumping DWBs. Breeding for roan & tobiano, avoiding grey but not strongly.

Big n Bold:
My clydesdale horses, all are solid colors which I got by breeding 3 yo store horses and collecting the solid foals these are to be my "foundation" horses since I don't want any sabino.

Witty Morgans:
These are my morgans, which I'm breeding for silver, flaxen, some cream, and dun. They will either be endurance, racing, or driving trained. I still haven't decided yet, but I'm leaning towards endurance.

Fear the Mini's:
These are on my spare account. They are driving mini's which I'm breeding for leopard markings and STY.

Low Confo:
Also found on my spare account. These are paints which I'm breeding for low conformation.

Splashed in Paint:
Four appaloosa's that I bought and threw flaxen on, I also changed them from typically appy patterns to having paint patterns.

Reboot Project:
my pre-recode horses and any horse i bought after the reboot to pair with them.

any horse with a long pedigree that most likely contains inbreeding, not really to be bred for my own herd.

Account Information
Member Name insomniaglet
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Joined March 16, 2014
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insomniaglet's Horse Divisions
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- foals in training 37 horses
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- hayburners 51 horses
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- nashville music 16 horses
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- retirement home 6 horses
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.1 racing [novice to international] 48 horses
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.1 show jumping [novice to international] 2 horses
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.2 driving [novice] 1 horses
Trained today
.2 endurance [novice] 4 horses
Trained today
.2 western [novice] 17 horses
Trained today
.3 driving [local] 51 horses
Not trained today
.3 endurance [local] 23 horses
Not trained today
.3 western [local] 17 horses
Not trained today
.4 driving [regional] 22 horses
Not trained today
.4 endurance [regional] 1 horses
Not trained today
.4 western [regional] 97 horses
Not trained today
.5 endurance [national] 2 horses
Not trained today
.5 western [national] 1 horses
Not trained today
dust bunnies 0 horses
flaxen project 2.0 16 horses
Not trained today
pre-recode horses, locked for breeding 2 horses
Not trained today
Sales; feel free to make offers 0 horses
z culling barn 0 horses
z empty 25 horses
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zzz empty 0 horses
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zzz locked newborns 2 horses
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