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RaineSong Ranch

"We had so much more back when we had less to lose"


I'm Rainy, a depressed person who currently has two identities and cannot for the life of me figure out which one's right. I breed western Paints and dressage Tenessee Walkers on here, although everything is currently locked for personal reasons

A bit about me:




-one cat, a dog, a rabbit, seven fish

-ex gymnast and on and off ridder


-anxious and depressed on top of many others

- ....


-student and currently dying from that

-a little nuts and probably overwhelmingly weird sometimes

-digital artist/writer

-I don't mind chatting, but sometimes I'm just not in a good enough state to do so

-send me friend requests if you want; I'll probably accept them

-my horses are not up for sale or stud so don't ask

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