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"Even though time passes, it doesn't heal the wounds that were made."

I help newbies, please pm me any questions you have about equiverse. The site is still developping, so I will help any newbie with their questions before they get onto the forum boards!

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Member Name megansparrow
Account Type Deluxe (248 days left)
Joined May 24, 2013
Last Active 2019-03-12 14:55:04
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Money on Hand $3,911
Money in Bank $1,842,824
Player Level 15
Horses 51 / 55

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All Time 3621226
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Yesterday $3,738
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All Time $1,024,398

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Level 15 Experience 271303 (57%) EXP Required 471262 EXP Left 199959

megansparrow's Horse Divisions
Custom Chinco's 7 horses
Trained today
Locked LOCKED 2 horses
Trained today
Other Breeds 2 horses
Trained today
Shetlands 24 horses
Not trained today
Welsh 9 horses
Trained today
Young horses 7 horses
Trained today

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