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"Fancy status in Latin."


+About Féline+

I'm an adult who has been playing SIM games on and off for over 15 years.
I own 3 rescued cats, a dogue de bordeaux, 2 guinea pigs and I am a foster mom for feral kittens.
I have been playing EV since april 2013 and do a little art every now and then.
My hobbies include crafting, gardening, reading & I'm currently studying to become a herbalist.

+About Klein Vlaanderen stables+

I live in Flanders, Belgium. My stable name translates as "Little Flanders". All my horses have the "Kv." prefix.
I try to breed allround quality horses with good conformation and interesting colors. My main focus is showhorses with the right stats in the right places.

Currently trying out several different approaches to training & breeding the best foals.

+Belgian Draft+

My all time favorite breed. I have been breeding them since I started playing and owned the highest quality Belgians on the game.

I bred and raised EV's first  1000+ stat Belgian,Kv. Delirium Tremens, and several other 1000+ showhorses.
After the recode they were switched to Clydesdales.



Getting my old driving lines back together.
Breeding for solid colors & driving stats.

Name: Belgian beer brands
Line status: Foals & stud services available upon request.

Glasgow Speedway

Buying EC foals with low non-specialty stats.
Racing line.

Name: Liquor brands
Line status: Closed

Sealtainn Speedway

My all time favorite next to drafts.

Breeding for racing stats & splash markings

Name: Seasonal, whatever is going on in my life
Line status: Foals & stud services available upon request.

Trinidad Speedway

Breeding for racing stats & black based coats.

Name: Hot pepper varieties
Line status: Foals & stud services available upon request.

+Gypsy Vanners+
De Rozerie

Breeding for color & conformation.

Name: Rose varieties
Line status: Closed


Recreating the pedigree of Moorlands Totilas, world's best dressage horse.
Using lipizzaners, next to Belgian drafts they were my very first breed on EV back in 2013.

Name: Pedigree of Moorlands Totilas
Line status: Closed

+Breeding and buying+

Foundation stallions are put up for stud when they hit 1000+ stats and are at least 17y old.
Lined stallions are put up for stud when they hit 1200+ stats and are at least 17y old
I do not breed more than 5 foals per horse. Mostly I limit breedings to 3 foals.


I only offer sales and stud services to players who meet the following requirements:

- At least 8mill player points
- Active member for at least 4 months
- No inbreeding or overbreeding (more than 7 foals per horse)
- Your mare/ stallion needs to have at least 750 stats
- Your mare / stallion needs at least 56% confo
- Your mare / stallion must have the same specialty & must have non-specialty stats lower than 65.

Prices depend on the current market & quality of the stud / foal.

+Top Achievements+

Highest stat home bred horse:
Kv. Ichtegem's Grand Cru (1662)

Highest stat outside bred horse:
Kv. Big Thai (2117)

Highest stat store horse:
Kv. Achel (1232)

Highest birth stats:
Kv. Carolina Reaper (1127)





Ursus Major

Ursus Major








Tikaani - Equilupe mare


Kleintje - Pocket pony stallion


Javanais - Pocket pony mare


Training guide:

Jotunheim: School 65+ 
Glasgow: Show & breed down surplus stats
The Dock: School 65+ / Show - 65
Sealtainn: School 65+ / Show -65
Trinidad: School 65+ / Show -65
Rozerie: Haycube & convert 60+ / Show -60
Moorlands: Show all & compare to Rozerie

Foal training guide:

0y0d - Imprint 4%
0y1d - Halter 9%
0y2d - Weaning 14%
0y3d - Handling 19%
0y4d - Leading 23%
0y5d - Commands 28%
0y6d - Play time! 33%

1y0d - Lunging 38%
1y1d - Trailer loading 42%
1y2d - Road training 47%
1y3d - Ground training 52%
1y4d - Desensitization 57%
1y5d - Introduce to tack 61%
1y6d - Repeat lunging 66%

2y - Break in 71% / 76% / 80% / 85% / 90% / 95% / 100%

Horse heights:

Clyde: 16hh - 18.1hh
Teke: 14.2hh - 16hh
Shetland: 7.1hh - 10hh
Chinco: 13.1hh - 14.3hh

Genetic info:

Homozygous Wild Bay: A+A+
Wild bay carrying non-agouti: A+a
Heterozygous wild bay: AA+

Homozygous brown: AtAt

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Account Information
Member Name Féline
Account Type Deluxe (70 days left)
Joined April 19, 2013
Last Active 2018-02-21 23:10:19
Member Information
Money on Hand $27,749
Money in Bank $9,893,852
Player Level 28
Horses 94 / 170

Player Points
Yesterday 79878
This Week 241258
This Month 1324890
All Time 38498557
Show Winnings
Yesterday $27,749
This Week $83,914
This Month $426,449
All Time $8,163,013

Member Level
Level 28 Experience 1041073 (47%) EXP Required 2201400 EXP Left 1160327

Féline's Horse Divisions
[1] Jotunheim 8 horses
Trained today
[2] Glasgow Speedway 6 horses
Trained today
[4] Sealtainn Speedway 18 horses
Trained today
[5] Trinidad Speedway 14 horses
Trained today
[6] De Rozerie 12 horses
Trained today
[7] Moorlands 16 horses
Trained today
[8] Young Blood 2 horses
Trained today
[9] Pets 5 horses
Trained today
[X] Sales 3 horses
Trained today
[Z] Sleepy Hollow 10 horses
Not trained today

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