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"Fancy status in Latin."


+About FĂ©line+

I'm an adult who has been playing SIM games on and off for over 15 years.
I own 3 rescued cats, a dogue de bordeaux and I am a foster mom for feral kittens.
I have been playing EV since april 2013 and do a little art every now and then.
My hobbies include crafting, gardening, reading & I'm currently studying to become a herbalist.

+About Klein Vlaanderen stables+

I live in Flanders, Belgium. My stable name translates as "Little Flanders". All my horses have the "Kv." prefix.
I breed for all round quality horses with interesting colors, good conformation and a main focus on stats.

+Belgian Draft+

My all time favorite breed. I have been breeding them since I started playing and owned the highest quality Belgians on the game.

I bred and raised EV's first  1000+ stat Belgian,Kv. Delirium Tremens, and several other 1000+ Belgians.
After the recode they were switched to Clydesdales.



Getting my old driving lines back together.
Breeding for stats & solid black.

Name: Belgian beer brands
Line status: Open to select players.

Dancing Drafts

Dressage line.
Breeding for stats & confo.

Name: Rose varieties 
Line status: Closed

De Weide

Nothing serious, just experimenting.
Currently checking how many generations it takes to breed down surplus stats to -60 and a rescue project with racing clydes.

Names: Flemish words & Liquor brands


My all time favorite next to drafts.

Green garden line

Driving line - breeding for conformation

Name: Herbs.
Line status: Closed

Sealtainn line

Breeding for stats & splash markings

Name: Seasonal, whatever is going on in my life
Line status: Open to select players


Stats & black based coats.
Racing line.

Name: Hot pepper varieties
Line status: Open to select players.


Little pangare project.

Name: Tropical - nautical, non-alphabetical.
Line status: Closed

+Breeding and buying+

Foundation stallions are put up for stud when they hit 900+ stats and are at least 17y old.
Lined stallions are put up for stud when they hit 1000+ stats and are at least 17y old
I do not overbreed.

Private studs:

I only offer sales and stud services to players who meet the following requirements:

- At least 8mill player points
- At least level 12
- Active member for at least 4 months
- No inbreeding or overbreeding (more than 7 foals per horse)
- Don't breed foals under 300 stats (exceptions for rescue projects)
- Your mare/ stallion needs to have at least 650 stats
- Your mare / stallion needs at least 56% confo
- You will be blacklisted and banned from any future sales or stud services if you don't take good care of the horse I sold you.


- Expensive.

+Why so pricey?+

My studs have a maximum of 3 foals, my mares have only 2. This guarantees that my lines are clean and  rare.

I invest a lot of time, effort, money, special treats and color wands into my lines. Quality costs money :)

+Top Achievements+

Highest stat horse:
Kv. Behemoth (1522)

Highest stat store horse:
Kv. Ancho Poblano (1178)

Highest birth stats:
Kv. Griboval (768)





Ursus Major

Ursus Major








Tikaani - Equilupe mare


Kleintje - Pocket pony stallion


Javanais - Pocket pony mare


Clydes to avoid: 

Griswold, Dark Affinity, Vesuvious

Foal training guide:

0y0d - Imprint 4%
0y1d - Halter 9%
0y2d - Weaning 14%
0y3d - Handling 19%
0y4d - Leading 23%
0y5d - Commands 28%
0y6d - Play time! 33%

1y0d - Lunging 38%
1y1d - Trailer loading 42%
1y2d - Road training 47%
1y3d - Ground training 52%
1y4d - Desensitization 57%
1y5d - Introduce to tack 61%
1y6d - Repeat lunging 66%

2y - Break in 71% / 76% / 80% / 85% / 90% / 95% / 100%

Horse heights:

Clyde: 16hh - 18hh
Teke: 14.2hh - 16hh
Shetland: 7.1hh - 10hh
Chinco: 13.1hh - 14.3hh

Genetic info:

Homozygous Wild Bay: A+A+
Wild bay carrying non-agouti: A+a
Heterozygous wild bay: AA+

Homozygous brown: AtAt

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FĂ©line's Horse Divisions
[1] Jotunheim 12 horses
Trained today
[2] Dancing Drafts 12 horses
Trained today
[3] Trinidad Speedway 14 horses
Trained today
[4] Sealtainn Speedway 6 horses
Trained today
[5] Green Garden 10 horses
Trained today
[6] By The Sea 12 horses
Trained today
[7] De Weide - Experiments 10 horses
Trained today
[8] Studs & Sales 8 horses
Not trained today
[9] Young Blood 14 horses
Trained today
[Z] Sleepy Hollow 22 horses
Not trained today

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