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+ About Féline +

Welcome to Kv. stables!
I am Féline, an adult who has been playing various SIM games for over 18 years. I came to EV in 2013 and some of my pedigrees go all the way back to when I first joined.

Me & my husband live in a little rural paradise in Europe. We share our home with 3 cats, 2 guinea pigs, 6 hens and a rooster. With the exception of our laying hens all of our pets are rescues. We also foster kittens throughout the summer. 
I am a licensed herbalist and an avid gardener, growing my own veggies, fruit and medicinal herbs.
When I'm not working in the garden I spend my days reading, crocheting, cooking and drawing. 

I'm always willing to help out newbies so feel free to send me a message when you need help.

+About the stables+

Klein Vlaanderen was founded in 2013. I started out with Belgian drafts that were changed over to Clydesdales after the recode. My very first horse was Kv. Affligem
I breed allround performance horses with the main focus on low non-specialty stats.
Next to my old Clydesdale line I own several small herds including colored horses and pet projects with atypical specialties. 
Horse Info
+Studs & foals+

Our stallions will be available for stud when they hit 1000+ stats and are at least 17 years old. I do not overbreed or linebreed. I only accept mares with NSS under 65. 


In general I do not offer mares for brood

I do offer foals for sale every now and then. I only sell to players who show on a regular basis.

Feel free to msg me to inquire about sales or stud services.

Jotunheim Clydesdales

Focus: Low NSS, solid color

Specialty: Driving

Names: Belgian beer brands

Line status: Open

Rozerie Vanners

Focus: Exotic colors & good conformation

Specialty: Dressage

Names: Rose varieties

Line status: Open

Germania Warmbloods

Focus: Low NSS, atypical specialty

Specialty: Driving

Names: Rammstein 

Line status: Message to enquire

Habanero Fields Akhal-Tekes

Focus: Low NSS, rare colors

Specialty: Racing

Names: Chili pepper varieties

Line status: Closed

C&C Chincoteagues

Focus: Low NSS & Champagne coats

Specialty: Show Jumping

Names: Cocktails & liquor

Line status: Open





+Ursus Major











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Member Name Féline
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Joined April 19, 2013
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Money on Hand $15,103
Money in Bank $48,190,462
Player Level 30
Horses 60 / 200

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Yesterday $17,296
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Level 30 Experience 8736569 (100%) EXP Required 3339605 EXP Left -5396964

Féline's Horse Divisions
Cocktails & Champagne 8 horses
Trained today
De Rozerie 6 horses
Trained today
Germania 6 horses
Trained today
Habanero Fields 8 horses
Trained today
Jotunheim 6 horses
Not trained today
Pets & Toys 8 horses
Trained today
x. Boutique 1 horses
Trained today
x. Sleepy Hollow LOCKED 9 horses
Not trained today
x. Young blood 8 horses
Trained today

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