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"Looking for a custom layout- message me!"

Equiverse Moderator::

I am one of the few Equiverse Moderators of this wonderful game! I am happy to help make this game more enjoyable and safe for each of you. My role is to insure all of your concerns and issues are addressed while still doing my best to make sure you're having fun!

The HELP link at the top right of your page will answer most of your questions. In addition, the GAME SUPPORT link which is found in the HELP tab as well as at the bottom of your page will supply you with more valuable information as well as a place to allow you to submit a TICKET.

My inbox is always open if you want to directly reach out to me whether it be for a problem or if you just want to chat. :)

Who is Gaia?

Hi friends! My name is Gaia on EV but Taylor in real life. I'm a 27 year old south gal from TN but currently residing in SC with my young daughter and Goldendoodle. 

I'm a 'professional' student in that I'm always returning back to school to get more degrees to my name because... I'm insane. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. Don't judge me.

I'm a long distance runner, foodie, wanna be chef, Christmas obsessed, craft lover girl who never seems to have enough time in the day to run, cook, decorate, and craft.


For years, I specialized in Show Jumping Clydesdales (you heard me right). After taking a hiatus away from horses and just focusing on being a moderator, I've decided to branch out and take on a new breed, Paints. I will still dabble a little in my 'Dales, but I do hope to SLOWLY become a major Paint Horse contender here on EV. 


The link to my character site where you will find all my characters, tags, and signatures: Gaias Characters


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