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"Commissions are open!"

A B O U T   M E

Hello! I'm Pistol, or some may know me as Kenzie or Blondie. I'm a 19 year old gal from the midwest! I do many things including riding and showing, photography, hunting, art, music, and I also play collegiate polo! I am currently attending university and majoring in Animal Science (pre-vet) and minoring in French. I have one horse of my own, Ton, a 13yo seal bay overo (+ dom white) Quarter/Paint gelding. Right now, I am training Ton in dressage techniques and also hunter/jumper. He has been used for drill team, trails, pleasure, and speed! My first horse, Lucy, a 19yo chestnut Appendix QH mare was laid to rest on 12/5/18. Run free! ♥

I'd be happy to answer any questions you have; I've been playing EV for nearly 8 years now! If you would just like to chat about anything, feel free to message me!

PitaPata Horse tickers

PitaPata Horse tickers

W E S T W O O D   S T A B L E S

 At Westwood we strive for high stats, decent conformation, and clean lines. Colors are a plus but not sought out here! We breed several different kinds of horses of all breeds and disciplines. All lines are maintained by Pistol and kept private unless otherwise noted.









N O T E - T O - S E L F

Valentino & Howie - sold to Lucifer for 600k EVD

Diego - sold to Isla for 300k EVD

Celeste & Grullo Paint- sold to Beacon for 450k EVD

Ruby & Ella - given to Luminescent


!! O P E N !!

My commissions are open right now!

- Custom Tags - 

- Designs / References - 

- Custom Signatures -

Prices all depend on what you are looking for but generally start at $100k EVD and increase. I am willing to negotiate and work with anyone ♥

Message me with what you are looking for and we will go from there.

All I ask is that you are polite and humble with your orders; money only goes so far, but your kindness will be remembered. Thank you! 

I do not sell bases, lines, or re-colorable things.

Click here for my DeviantArt!

Click here for my Instagram!


- custom tags x3 & 1 ref for 80499

- custom tag & sig for 117870

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