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` copy » beautiful day

"wheeeee :3"

|| Copy Write ||

Welcome to my humble abode...err, account. Here's a little about me..

  • I am a 26 YO female living in USA

  • I have two dogs (Feona, a Dalmatian and Kane, a Doberman)

  • I have a real-life horse who's name is Devine Intervention (Bella)

  • I absolutely LOVE tattoos..I have two with plans for many more!

  • I have three piercings - both ears and my daith!

  • My all-time favorite breed of horse is Friesian.

  • My boyfriend has a cat named Oliver!

|| CWPH ||

Here at CWPH, we aim to breed some high quality stock - when the new revamp came up, the majority of our horses started with a lower set of stats. But, we're working to improve stats and points - with a loose focus on conformation. We breed pretty much everything that strikes our fancy! 

Current Breeds: Andalusians, Arabians, Clydesdales, Dutch Warmbloods, Friesians, Gypsy Vanners, Morgans, Paints, Quarter Horses, Thoroughbreds, Trakehners, Tennessee Walkers, and Welsh Ponies. 

Breeding Plans || Updated 09/08/18


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Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday

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Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday

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Member Name ` copy » beautiful day
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Joined January 01, 2008
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` copy » beautiful day's Horse Divisions
Group A || Andalusians I 10 horses
Trained today
Group B || Andalusian II 20 horses
Trained today
Group C || Arabians 38 horses
Trained today
Group D || Clydes & Frieisians 20 horses
Trained today
Group E || New Arabians 20 horses
Trained today
Group F || Paint Horses 38 horses
Trained today
Group G || Quarter Horses 16 horses
Trained today
Group H || Thoroughbreds 10 horses
Trained today
Group I || Trakehners & Dutchies 14 horses
Trained today
Group J || Walkers & Vanners 18 horses
Trained today
Group K || Welsh Ponies 24 horses
Trained today
Group L || Motley Crew [RS] 8 horses
Trained today
Group M || Welsh Project [RS] 16 horses
Trained today
Group N || Paint Horse Project [RS] 24 horses
Trained today
Group O || Quarter Horse Project [RS] 12 horses
Trained today
Group P || CWPH Retirees [RS] 37 horses
Not trained today
Group Q || Riding School 8 horses
Trained today
z || LOCKED #1 2 horses
Not trained today
z || LOCKED #3 3 horses
Trained today
zz || Empty 0 horses

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