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"kpop is taking over my life whoops"

Welcome to my homepage!

I run Maplewood Estate here on equiverse, focusing mainly on show jumping. Originally my breed of choice was Dutch Warmbloods, but I've since expanded to include other breeds (which was actually a bad idea because it just feeds my problem of constantly buying horses). I do also have a few dressage horses as a small side project. 

Eventually I'll get around to making a proper page that looks nice...

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Member Name tolarie
Account Type Deluxe (98 days left)
Joined July 26, 2012
Last Active 2017-09-22 00:30:49
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Money on Hand $248
Money in Bank $3,358,932
Player Level 14
Horses 136 / 140 (0 unborn foals)

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Player Points
Yesterday 17700
This Week 32292
This Month 32292
All Time 1213500
Show Winnings
Yesterday $10,615
This Week $19,772
This Month $19,772
All Time $1,329,296

Member Level
Level 14 Experience 85166 (20%) EXP Required 417450 EXP Left 332284

tolarie's Horse Divisions
1a. Show Jumping | Mixed 19 horses
Trained today
1b. Show Jumping | Welsh Ponies 12 horses
Trained today
1c. Show Jumping | Dutch Warmbloods 17 horses
Trained today
1d. Show Jumping | Paint Horses 16 horses
Trained today
1e. Show Jumping | Quarter Horses 11 horses
Trained today
1f. Show Jumping | Morgan Horses 1 horses
Trained today
2. Dressage 16 horses
Not trained today
4. For Sale 13 horses
Not trained today
5. Foals 25 horses
Trained today
6. Retired 4 horses
Not trained today
7. Spare 2 horses
Trained today

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