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"foals for sale"

About Me


Oldie (HL, 2001 style). 

Future History Guru (um grad school please?). 

Typical boring old lady life.

 Too many durn pets.

About The Horses

I specialize in Andalusians and Mustangs.

The others are pretty too.

Breeding program and plan

No inbreeding or overbreeding within a few generations, meaning if I have to go back through 1.2 billion pedigrees to find that they were inbred, then I'm not going to worry about it. However, within a few generations it won't be used for breeding, only showing/riding school and if male, gelded.

Breeding goals for higher Confo:

Foals with lower than 55 average confo will not be kept unless they carry the Cr gene or D gene in order to continue color interests for the Andalusians and the Mustangs.

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Member Name hailyx
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Joined April 14, 2008
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hailyx's Horse Divisions
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Mustangs 28 horses
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Vanners 20 horses
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Walkers 8 horses
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