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"QHs for sale! Message me for deals"

About Me:
Hey everyone! I am Weasel. I'm 28 and live in Kentucky with my small family. I have happily been playing Equiverse since 2011. Granted I have taken a few hiatuses but I absolutely love this game so if I haven't been on for a while fear not I will be back. My zoo has grown since I last updated my page. I currently have two dogs (Cooper and Callie), six cats (Moxie, Monty, Milo, Jasper, Cricket and Gizmo) and one Horse (Godiva Girl). I have a young daughter who takes up most of my non working time and who is just as obsessed with horses as I am. I love helping out new players and love to chat. 

The Horses:
My current breeds are Quarter Horses, Paints and Chincoteague. I show primarily endurance, western and show jumping but I am always looking to add more diversity to my herds. All of my horses will be open for approved public breeding when they reach 17, they might no be actually listed so if you see a horse that is 17 and not listed as brood or stud that you are interested in me than please just message me. The stallions will have a total of four foals(two open for the public and two reserved for me) and the mares will have a total of three foals( one open for the public and two reserved for me.) I will only be keeping one foal from each breeding so any foals that do not make the cut to continue my breeding program will be sold to approved homes.

To be approved for a breeding please make sure that the horse you are breeding to mine has similar or at least age appropriate stats and is the same discipline. If you wish to breed a horse that is a different discipline than you will need to provide the 10K for the first conversion and 2 credits to change it back on top of the original breeding fee. Breeding fee's are not set in stone and may be open for negotiation. I am also willing to barter. 

If you buy one of my foals please offer me the right of first refusal should you wish to sell it. I like to know where my horses go and would more than likely love to buy it back. If you should find or purchase one of the foals I have bred please let me know even if you plan on keeping it. I just like to know where they are and see how they do.

Money in Bank-
One Million Dollars 
Five Million Dollars
Ten Million Dollars

Horses Trained/Bred-
1000 Stat Foundation
500 Stat Foal

Account Information
Member Name Weasel
Account Type Deluxe (32 days left)
Joined November 5, 2011
Last Active 2019-02-23 11:31:41
Member Information
Money on Hand $124,435
Money in Bank $11,392,350
Player Level 24
Horses 217 / 240

Player Points
Yesterday 31870
This Week 659762
This Month 1185326
All Time 22339185
Show Winnings
Yesterday $21,356
This Week $348,053
This Month $445,166
All Time $5,351,067

Member Level
Level 24 Experience 1693271 (100%) EXP Required 1653496 EXP Left -39775

Weasel's Horse Divisions
All Foals 19 horses
Not trained today
DR | Akhal-Teke Gen One 32 horses
Not trained today
Dress | Vanners - Gen One Project 11 horses
Not trained today
E | No Cull Project - Mustangs 12 horses
Not trained today
E | Quarter Horse - Song Herd 7X7 14 horses
Not trained today
E | Quarter Horses - Locked 27 horses
Not trained today
E | Quarter Horses - Multi age 42 horses
Not trained today
SJ | Paints - Gen One 8 horses
Not trained today
W | Paints- Gen Two 16 horses
Not trained today
W | Quarter Horses - Gen Two 18 horses
Not trained today
Z | On Hold 15 horses
Not trained today
Z | Projects and Sales 3 horses
Not trained today
Z | Riding School 0 horses

Club Memberships

Akhal-Teke Club

Equiverse Dressage Federation

Chincoteague Club

Clydesdale Club

The Coffee Club

Endurance Club

Equiverse Quarter Horse Association