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♥ Hermes Stud

"Home of the Royal Thoroughbred Lines"

12.03.18 Focusing on getting all my horses lines to 60.00 - 70.00 conformation plus good stats! Going to take a while... 12.03.18 Herd is established, mustangs in the Silver Brumby category will be a private line for myself alone. They cannot be bred to without asking, as they will be trained and raised on hay cubes and sugar cubes nothing more. 
23.01.18 Added a couple of Trakheners, since I haven't had much of the breed for some time. I may start to control more of that breed as time goes by, we will see. 23.01.18 Thoroughbreds are all bought. They are all racehorses, and are being trained and shown. 14.01.18 Herd is almost restarted, and looking good at this point! Soon the Thoroughbreds will all be bought and will start to be trained and shown!
23.01.18 <-- date there, and updates go here!! Updates and etc. Updates and etc. Updates and etc. Updates and etc. Updates and etc. Updates and etc.
Breeding Fees
  • Horses older than 15 years old may not be requested for breeding, all will be put up for stud or brood when they are 10 years old. Pricing will change as they age up a year to reflect their stats plus a few other things.
  • Members of the Chincoteague Breeders Club and Thoroughbred Breeders Club get 1/2 price breedings if they let me know.
  • Stud fees are unnegotiable unless from the above clubs and stand at $1EVD for each stat point on my mares and stallions.
  • Breeding partners Greylight #119554 for Chincoteagues, Rising Sun Acres #114598 for Trakheners, Almárë #15370 for Mustangs, please note that if you let me know which of my mares or stallions you want to breed with, the breeding fee will be halved for you!
Please note that the prices set on any horses in my 'for sale' barn are the minimum I will accept on my horses. So do not expect me to take a private offer that is less than those amounts as I am putting a lot of effort into those horses. $1 per stat stats plus $10 per piece of grade 1 tack, $20 per piece of grade 2, $30 each grade 3, $40 each grade 4, $50 each grade 5! added on the parents stud fee at the time if self bred, if sourced outside my herd the fee I paid will be added by half. I will also be charging $100 per 10.00 conformation over 50.00 average.. and as for training level an additional $100 per level. $50 per colour varying gene like dun and cream etc as well as markings like Tobiano. Extra $300 if there is less than 10 horses with matching genetics
About Me

Greetings to all. I have a been a long time player of Equiverse, indeed I joined back in 2011! I have since started to make goals for myself when it comes to breeding horses, and I intend to stick to them.
Of course, new players are welcome to bounce questions off me if they wish to do so. I will primarily be focused on breeding racing thoroughbreds, and would prefer that you keep only breeding horses to mine that are in the racing discipline. I am not interested in accepting breeding requests from those who are in any other discipline, and this is why my horses are up for private stud.
I have decided to branch out into the Trakehener and Akhal Teke breed's as well. There are also a few Chincoteague Ponies since I am the owner of the breed's club.
Riding school horses will generally be between 5 and 18 years old, any horses over 18 who are in riding schools will be those who failed to win at least 1 show before they turned 5 years old. Basically any horse in a breed specific devision is a riding school horse. 
I am now starting to look into breeding for Conformation, with set goals of eventually breeding foals in the 60.00 - 70.00 conformation bracket. Any help offered will be greatly appreciated.
  Please note that the roman numerals in horses names inform the generation of the horse. If there is none in the name, you are safe to assume it is a foundation horse or pony!

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