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"cODINg DonE! Proud of myself."

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Many of the horses here are old site horses (no foal training/training/haycubes) and a good chunk of those were conf trained before that was removed(so very spread out stats/high non-specialty). Now many more I picked up over time where set to a discipline prior to foal training and stuck there despite foal training. It will take much time to sort through and figure out just how many horses will need to be culled or put on permahold due to me not being able to do credits for double switching their specialty to "fix" conf spread/high non spec stats. (All though, part of this is my fault for trying to pick up rejects, to fill in the void while my old horses remained locked). I am really bummed out that it would appear that I haven't accomplished much here since 2011 despite once having the best CONF minis in the game once upon a time.

My husband gave me a small early anniversary gift of credits. It took me a few days to actually follow through with buying them because I know we really don't have extra money but he wouldn't let me say no. I am going to hold on to most of them (will need top top off deluxe time on third eventually). Now maybe I won't need to cull down so many horses who needed 2 training converts or their 2nd one.

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Member Name Årty- Minis
Account Type Unlimited Deluxe
Joined August 24, 2011
Last Active 2017-08-19 17:00:39
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Money on Hand $0
Money in Bank $3,552,064
Player Level 17
Horses 459 / 460 (0 unborn foals)

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All Time 5880696
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All Time $772,492

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Level 17 Experience 94453 (10%) EXP Required 883006 EXP Left 788553

Årty- Minis's Horse Divisions
--- . Cull or Hold? 1 horses
Not trained today
--. Retired/Safe Haven Rescue - 2 horses
Not trained today
--. fresh foundies - hay cubes 16 horses
Trained today
-.1. ¼ᶠ Babies training testing 14 horses
Trained today
-.1. SHOW Western Morgans 13 horses
Not trained today
.1. SHOW Driving Minis. ✓✓ 41 horses
Not trained today
.1. SHOW Driving Shetlands, Clydes ✓✓ 22 horses
Not trained today
.1b. SHOW Alt Disc ✓✓ 16 horses
Trained today
.2. mh RS: Alt disc 3-17 HAY ✓✓ 5 horses
Trained today
.2. s p RS: Alt disc 3-17 HAY ✓✓ 11 horses
Not trained today
.4. 0-2y foundy Still driving/cull high nonspec 33 horses
Not trained today
.4.b 0-2 foundy was alt disc HAYCUBES 26 horses
Not trained today
.5. New from rc + unsorted purchases 19 horses
Not trained today
2. RS: driving TC HAY ✓✓ 23 horses
Trained today
3. Minis Breeding 18yrs 14 horses
Not trained today
3. Morgans Breeding 18yrs 1 horses
Not trained today
3. SPons Breeding Age Θ 13 horses
Not trained today
6. show any no/missing/low tack ✓ 93 horses
Not trained today
🔒DC on import 23 horses
Not trained today
🔒ɱorgan all/all ✗✗ 22 horses
Not trained today
🔒FOREVER Bugged LP/Patn on import. :( 7 horses
Not trained today
🔒OldEV ßreds+WS🌀SHET breds 23 horses
Not trained today
🔒Walkers ȶᶠ all/all ✗☒ 21 horses
Not trained today

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