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My name is Nicole but you may also call me Nikki or ThermiteNRC. I have recently come back to the site from a long break but I hope to be very active on the site from now on. If you have any questions for me feel free to send me a message. 

Notes to Self




Show Jumping:


Breeding Program

I will be starting a new line of Dutch Warmbloods specialized in Show Jumping. I am always looking for new blood to add to my program so if you have a horse you want to sell feel free to message me about it.
My horses will not be up for brood or stud anytime soon as my lines are just starting out.
Breeding Pairs

Dutch Warmbloods

Group 1
{NRC}Can't Escape x {NRC}No Mercy
{NRC}Catacombs x {NRC}Last Resort
{NRC}Fix Me x {NRC}The Wicked One
{NRC}Out of Hell x {NRC}Chasing the Rapture
{NRC}The Resistance x {NRC}The Secret

Group 2
{NRC}Carnivore x {NRC}Metamorphasis
{NRC}Miss the Misery x {NRC}Over and Over
{NRC}Painkiller x {NRC}The Good Life
{NRC}Rise and Fall x {NRC}Walk on Water
{NRC}Unbreakable x {NRC}The Broken

Group 3
{NRC}Cut the Cord x {NRC}Fade into the Ocean
{NRC}Headstrong x {NRC}Burnout
{NRC}In the End x {NRC}Tyrant
{NRC}My Demons x {NRC}Vendetta
{NRC}No Giving Up x {NRC}Your Mine

Group 4
{NRC}Antigravity x {NRC}Running in Place
{NRC}Gone Forever x {NRC}Chalk Outline
{NRC}Point of No Return x {NRC}Feel Invincible
{NRC}The Future is Now x {NRC}Never Too Late
{NRC}You're Going Down x {NRC}Let it Die

Welsh Pony

{NRC}Sunset Waltz x {NRC}Broken Bonds
{NRC}Nox Aeterna x {NRC}Cape Caem
{NRC}Wanderlust x {NRC}Unsettling Aura
{NRC}Urban Chrome x {NRC}Cartanica
{NRC}Veiled in Black x {NRC}Creeping Shadows


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