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About atomic

One day I will write something here.

I primarily breed tekes for racing, which was my only breed on EV1. I strive for high stats and color as a bonus. I am currently on my fourth generation of my own lines. I will not be breeding to any outside horses, but may offer a foal or stud service upon request. Feel free to message me about potential breedings.

My Foundation Lines:

⚛ Bahama
⚛ Kazam

=⚛ Kugar

⚛ Kugar
⚛ Zazu

=⚛ Korazon

⚛ Ghadra
⚛ Matrix

=⚛ Luminous

⚛ Korazon
⚛ Luminous

=⚛ Kraze

⚛ Trakehners
I just started breeding trakes on EV2. I am starting my own lines with dressage stats as a primary focus. I am currently still training my foundation lines.

 Dutch Warmbloods
atomic's Hall of Fame

⚛ Korazon
Buckskin Stallion
1,831 Stats
110,252 Points

⚛ Luminous
Perlino Sabino Mare
1,621 Stats
122,756 Points

⚛ Cinna
Black Stallion
1,553 Stats
112,490 Points

⚛ Tangerea
Buckskin Mare
1,398 Stats
106, 854 Points

⚛ Kugar
Palomino Mare
1,219 Stats
32,565 Points

⚛ Zazu
Black Stallion
1,109 Stats
37,407 Points


⚛ Veragio
Cremello Stallion
1,381 Stats
127,632 Points

⚛ Pricilla
Smokey Cream Mare
1,037 Stats
138,916 Points

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