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.:About Me:.
~ I'm a 21 year old female residing in the UK
~ I own 4 cats - Emmie, DSH, 7 year old, Tabby|Rosie, DSH, 7 year old, Tabby|Puddles, DSH, 5 year old, Blue|Gizmo, DSH, 1 year old, Black and White
~ I also own a horse - Poppy, Welsh D x Arab, Bay, 5 year old
.:Thoroughbred Line:.

Side line, not doing much with them. Riding school mainly. Old horses, keeping till they go

.:paint Line:.

Dressage trained, breeding for stats and color

.:Welsh Line:.

Just started. Will be one of each dicsipline, bred twice, one of each again and so on, so on.

.:Treat & Stat Reminders:.
Dressage: Agility & Intelligence
Driving: Strength & Endurance
Endurance: Intelligence & Endurance
Racing: Speed & Endurance
Show Jumping: Agility & Speed
Western: Intelligence & Speed
Carrot: Speed
Green Apple: Intelligence
Yellow Apple: Agility
Turnip: Endurance
Red Apple: Strength
Welsh Line Treating
Coral - Dressage - Agi/Int - Yellow Apple
Dory - Driving - Str/End - Red Apple
Gill - Endurance - Int/End - Turnip
Marlin - Racing - Spd/End - Carrot
Nemo - Show Jumping - Agi/Spd - Yellow Apple
Peaches - Western - Int/Spd - Green Apple
Till 3 years old all on sugar cubes

Account Information
Member Name Melon
Account Type Deluxe (11 days left)
Joined April 3, 2011
Last Active 2019-01-18 09:52:52
Member Information
Money on Hand $5,287
Money in Bank $70,000
Player Level 11
Horses 54 / 85

Player Points
Yesterday 0
This Week 0
This Month 6696
All Time 1585749
Show Winnings
Yesterday $0
This Week $0
This Month $0
All Time $90,149

Member Level
Level 11 Experience 218926 (93%) EXP Required 234816 EXP Left 15890

Melon's Horse Divisions
Paint A 4 horses
Trained today
Paint B 4 horses
Trained today
Paint C 4 horses
Trained today
Paint D 4 horses
Trained today
Paint E 4 horses
Trained today
Paint F 4 horses
Trained today
Paint G 4 horses
Trained today
Paint H 4 horses
Trained today
Thoroughbred Side 16 horses
Trained today
Welsh Side 6 horses
Trained today

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