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"Don't stop doin what you're doin"

Spare account for Sabriel #84
I have Driving Minis, Formerly on my second spare, Driving Fresians that used to be Haflingers, and Driving Clydesdales that used to be Belgian Drafts.
Also on here are the 5 Disciplines of Shetlands program AKA Mom's Got No Money. Started in order to boost the Shetland populations and provide a quality line in the 3 by 3 method.

Touchstone II is open to the public at $10 a week. If you need more space in order to accommodate your horses please ask. We are happy to buy more stalls if they'll be used.
Touchstone II also boasts some fine arenas, the main Touchstone Stables has a full contingent of every discipline and grade from Novice to International. Touchstone II currently has Novice, Local, and Regional Arenas in every discipline. We are working up to expanding each arena to 100 spaces, and will add new arenas once our horses are at levels that need them.
Touchstone II also has a premiere Riding School with a rotating schedule of disciplines offering Paperwing Private Lessons, Seven Bells Group Lessons, and Trail Rides Across the Wall.

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5dos::Disconnected 6 horses
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One Color Only 12 horses
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Small and Spunky 12 horses
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The Big Dogs 0 horses
zy. Youngstock 4 horses
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