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"Loving EV!"

About Me

Here is some basic info about me: I'm a high school student,
my first language is English, I'm female,
I'm currently learning Spanish (in 2nd year), I live in the USA,
I LOVE figure skating (wished that I could learn at least
some of the jumps and spins but I can't even skate around
without needing something or someone to hold onto to
stop myself from falling on the ice), I'm in
pep/marching/concert band, I'm in choir (soprano
once and alto twice), I'm a Christian (and
raised in a Christian family and home), I LOVE "The Heroes
of Olympus" books, I LOVE "Percy Jackson and the Olympians"
books, I LOVE the music from "The Greatest Showman" movie,
I like soft fluffy things, I like anything shiny, I like food
(meat, candy, chocolate, etc.), I have done 1 season of track
(the 100 meter dash and the 200 meter), and I LOVE horses. I
will not answer anymore questions, that don't involve one of
the things I have said about me (especially if the answer is
a private personal thing, like my address of where I live. That
I won't answer).


Wild Horse Ridge Stables owned by PeacefulOreo 

United Racing Thoroughbred Breeders Club

(URTBC for Short)

Club Related Announcements: 
The URTBC is in need of money to expand. If you are
willing to donate money, please contact PeacefulOreo. 

General Announcements: I'm looking for someone to
do a custom layout for me. I don't have a whole lot of money but I could pay the rest
of the price when I have enough money to pay for it. 

Click on this link to get a
Horse Character and Herd Sheet, a google account is required


Any of you Narnia fans? If so, here's a fanfiction that I made on Wattpad and I could
uuse some thoughts and suggestions on it:

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