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About Me

I'm fairly new here, I used to play sims a long time ago but I'm getting back into them again. I play over on Eqcetera with the same name but I'd say I'm more actively playing over here. I generally keep to myself, I'm not active in the forums or on discord but that might change in the future.


My focus at the moment is on show jumping trakehners, I have a foundation herd of 26 named after semiprecious stones in one division and then another with random trakehners I've acquired. My school horses are from the rescue centre, if I think they'd be of interest to anyone they'll be available to breed but if not they'll live out their days here earning their keep in the riding school.

Account Information
Member Name Renvers
Member ID 124680
Account Type Deluxe (265 days left)
Joined November 9, 2019
Last Active 2020-05-30 07:22:26
Member Information
Money on Hand $2,298
Money in Bank $6,790,935
Player Level 16
Horses 83 / 100

Player Points
Yesterday 1260
This Week 14260
This Month 177472
All Time 778690
Show Winnings
Yesterday $825
This Week $14,071
This Month $219,735
All Time $689,872

Member Level
Level 16 Experience 323695 (40%) EXP Required 792504 EXP Left 468809

Renvers's Horse Divisions
Original Trakehners 14 horses
Trained today
Semiprecious Trakehners 26 horses
Trained today
The School Horses 43 horses
Not trained today

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