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Farmore Farms

About Farmore Farms

Farmore Farms strives to provide exceptional American Paints, Quarter Horses, Thoroughbreds, and Welsh Ponies to Equiverse and the community. Our horses are bred one to two times, depending, and are usually kept by ourselves (unless otherwise requested). Our horses are trained in many different disciplines and will be bred no sooner than reaching the International level. We generally wait until the horses are about 20 years old before breeding. 

About Jumperkins

Hello! My name is Kelly, otherwise known as Jumperkins, Jumpergirl, or Jumper. I am 29 years old, and I reside in California. I have owned horses since I was 11. I have ridden, trained, and shown hunters, jumpers, and dressage. I currently own two horses - a 12 year old OTTB who shows hunters and dressage, and a 20 year old OTTB who is retired but use to be my show horse. I have owned my oldest guy for 15 years, and my youngest guy for 7 years. I have played horse sim games since 2004. I was very active on Equintium, Eqcetera, and Equiverse (back when it first opened). I left the sim world for a while, and just recently joined back in. 

Useful Information

Racing: Speed | Endurance
Show Jumping: Agility | Speed
Western: Intelligence | Speed
Driving: Strength | Endurance
Dressage: Agility | Intelligence
Endurance: Intelligence | Endurance

Carrot: +1-2 speed
Green Apple: +1-2 intelligence
Red Apple: +1-2 strength
Turnip: +1-2 endurance
Yellow Apple: +1-2 agility

Sugar Cubes: +0-1 all
Hay Cubes: +0-2 all
Peppermints: +0-3 all

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Member Name Jumperkins
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Joined November 2, 2019
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Money on Hand $23,913
Money in Bank $33,625,036
Player Level 12
Horses 60 / 60

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All Time 1649462
Show Winnings
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This Month $184,149
All Time $571,334

Member Level
Level 12 Experience 230329 (83%) EXP Required 275582 EXP Left 45253

Jumperkins's Horse Divisions
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2. Show Team LOCKED 35 horses
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4. Random LOCKED 25 horses
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