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Account Information
Member Name CarrierPigeon
Member ID 124064
Account Type Deluxe (105 days left)
Joined August 17, 2019
Last Active 2020-08-12 19:49:41
Member Information
Money on Hand $343,047
Money in Bank $5,915,571
Player Level 25
Horses 237 / 265

This member has not progressed their account yet today.

Player Points
Yesterday 52436
This Week 164476
This Month 508546
All Time 10158366
Show Winnings
Yesterday $69,957
This Week $250,892
This Month $769,314
All Time $13,490,825

Member Level
Level 25 Experience 1178425 (66%) EXP Required 1783134 EXP Left 604709

CarrierPigeon's Horse Divisions
1 Jumping Show 5 horses
Trained today
2 Racing Show 6 horses
Trained today
3 Western Show 33 horses
Trained today
4 Driving and Dressage Show 12 horses
Trained today
Aging Gracefully 8 horses
Not trained today
Breeding l Training 4 horses
Trained today
Brood 17 horses
Trained today
For Sale 7 horses
Not trained today
HOLD 0 horses
New Foals 2 horses
Trained today
Oldies hold LOCKED 6 horses
Not trained today
Show 2 64 horses
Trained today
SHOW 3 41 horses
Trained today
Show Hold LOCKED 12 horses
Not trained today
Stud Muffin 15 horses
Not trained today
zzz 5 horses
Not trained today

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Trakehner Club

Show Creation Coalition

Quarter Horse Club

Equiverse Color Association

Rare Colors Club

Equiverse Trainers Association

Dutch Warmblood Association

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