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"A closed mouth gathers no feet."

If you message me or add me to friends randomly after seeing me in the "Currently Online" list, I am absolutely going to ignore you. 

Thanks! <3

Account Information
Member Name Timberdoodle
Member ID 122935
Account Type Deluxe (287 days left)
Joined April 28, 2019
Last Active 2020-08-11 23:23:10
Member Information
Money on Hand $260,509
Money in Bank $17,875,397
Player Level 27
Horses 194 / 200

Player Points
Yesterday 88984
This Week 141360
This Month 711228
All Time 24333582
Show Winnings
Yesterday $80,579
This Week $109,576
This Month $573,106
All Time $14,283,324

Member Level
Level 27 Experience 1982187 (96%) EXP Required 2057086 EXP Left 74899

Timberdoodle's Horse Divisions
Baby Driver Locker LOCKED 28 horses
Trained today
Baby Drivers 18 horses
Trained today
Contenders 78 horses
Trained today
Driving Vanner Locker LOCKED 1 horses
Not trained today
Hurry Up and Breed 18 horses
Trained today
Locked LOCKED 39 horses
Not trained today
Newbies 4 horses
Trained today
Retired 3 horses
Not trained today
Sales 0 horses
Show Stoppers LOCKED 5 horses
Trained today

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