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"Really enjoying playing EV so far!"

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Behind the Screen: About Me

Hello, Equiverse players! Close friends know my real name, but on here I will only respond to "Equ" or Equfamous. I am a coffee-addicted female in my mid-twenties and can be classified as a "grits", or girl raised in the South. I currently live in the Sunshine State but I'm preparing to move within the next year or so. I used to be a stable and farm-hand for many years, but now I just only a rescued, 10-year-old cat named Boots. I also work at my dream job as an Automotive Service Technician (mechanic). In my spare time I enjoy reading, writing, photography, and - obviously - going to horse or automotive shows. 

Like most on here, horse sims games are basically my life. I have played them since I was a tween and have played on more than I can recall. But recently, I have been calling myself as "Equ" or "Equfamous" throughout sims games so you have probably seen me around. I can usually be found here or on my spare account, White Willow Farms. I will also sometimes be lurking in the forums. Thank-you for visiting! =)


🍁 Four Winds Estates 🍁

For many reasons, Thoroughbreds have always held a place in my heart, which is why I will be focusing on breeding, training, and selling them here. All of the Thoroughbreds at Four Winds are privately-lined with my own horses; they can all be traced back to foundation lines. There is no traces of outside lines, crossbreeding, or inbreeding. Stallions or mares with a "+" shows the quality of their excellence in the line. All horses in the pedigrees are registered in clubs when applicable. I have specialized all my horses in racing, which the breed is famous for.  Every week, they are trained weekly in training centres, riding schools, and daily shows; typically, the Thoroughbreds have had a semi-consistent placement of in the top five as of recent.

My herd will be split into three coat colour categories, which you can read more about below:

Jockey Club Approved

 These are coats that the Club fully recognizes and accepts into their registry banks. These include: Palomino, grey, roan, bay or dark brown, chestnut, black, and predominant white. Cremello may also be accepted.

Rare Coats 

These are colours that do exist in the real-world but are uncommonly seen. These include: Any coloured-sabino, paints, buckskin, or appaloosa.

Mythical Coats

 These are coat colours that only exist in the world of Equiverse and cannot be seen in the real world and are not acknowledged by the Jockey Club. These colours include: Grulla, silver or chocolate dapple, dun, rabicano, champagne, or perlino.

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Equfamous's Horse Divisions
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