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"Winging it"

Hey! Welcome to my page. After many years away from online simming , I am back and so far I am very much enjoying the Equiverse experience.

A little bit about myself.. my name is Ashleigh, I am 27 years old and live in the UK with my 6 year old little boy. I am currently studying a degree in Criminology and hope to go on to do a masters, possibly in law or criminal justice. We have two ponies; Lacey and Alfie. Lacey is a 14.2, 9 year old gypsyX. To cut a (super) long story short, I rescued Lacey’s mamma from Ireland and 9 months down the line Lacey graced us with her presence and has been with us ever since. Technically she is my first born.. Lol. She is a very much thrown together little horse but is super special to us. Next we have Alfie, who is my son’s grey Welshie (he is also an escape artist). And last but not least we have Qwin, whom we bought unbroken over last summer, imported from Belgium. I did all of the groundwork and backing myself and he is currently being ridden away. He is such a sweetheart. We also have 4 rabbits; John-dory, Pony, Alan and Disney. I really do enjoy (super amateur) photography. I do have an active Instagram account here, if you’d like to follow :) (I post copious Qwin updates, too!).

As I’m sure you have already worked out I am super busy... almost all of the time... with a house to run, an intelligent (I honestly am baffled as to where he gets it from) and super inquisitive 6 year old, horses, a degree, rabbits and life in general. I also volunteer as an Appropriate Adult. .I usually wake up around 4.30am and with living in the UK on top of that I am sure you may see me online at some crazy times as it’s simply as and when I can.

Lacey, Alfie and myself

Qwin and myself (June 2018)

Backing Qwin (Autumn 2018) *includes music*

Account Information
Member Name Ashquar
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Joined January 17, 2019
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Money in Bank $3,129,939
Player Level 9
Horses 74 / 85

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Level 9 Experience 155799 (95%) EXP Required 163066 EXP Left 7267

Ashquar's Horse Divisions
*Babies 14 horses
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