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Mattie's Secret Valentine

"I'm baaaa-aaaack!!!"

"One man's trash is another man's treasure."

About My Horses

I have begun to start a small rescue center on this account and my plan with them is to get to 100% happiness and hunger as well as reaching the 10000 points mark in shows and such.  I do not specialize in certain breeds of horses at the moment.  But almost all of them are up for brood and stud, so if there isn't one up there that you want, just PM me!  I try to breed for conformation, color, and stats as well on the side.

Horses' Notes

My personal horses: 

0-3 = Young Horse Training

3-19 = Showing and breeding

19-22 = Retirement

1K/100 Stats


0-3 = Young Horse Training

Up for sale when reached 10,000 points.

Up for sale when reached 100% hunger AND happiness

Special Offers & Discounts!!

There is a 60% off Valentine's Day sale going on right now!  That is including horses for stud, brood, AND sale!  I will be having some more sales for the upcoming holidays and such, so be prepared for those as well.

My Branding

My branding is an Ace: .   (name)  = bred by me.  (name)  = bred by another breeder.  My rescue branding is a lightning bolt: ⚡.  (name) ⚡ = rescued by me.

My Services

I do want to help other people and players also.  If you like, you could PM me about help with something or I could give you stuff; small amounts of items, money, and/or a horse.  But I do have one exception--do not just go asking for money.  Actually PM me and tell me why you want it/need the item or anything.  I will breed with you, train your horses, trade with you, and buy and sell horses with and to you.

Extra Information About Me

My name: Madison

Home state: Kentucky

School?: Yes, I go to a public school

My horses: Cricket, Ta, Spirit, and Yellow (pronounced 'Yella')

Riding discipline: Western speed eventing

Skills?: Art, Reading, Math, and knowledge on horsemanship

Account Information
Member Name Mattie's Secret Valentine
Member ID 121791
Account Type Basic
Joined December 30, 2018
Last Active 2020-02-18 16:24:56
Member Information
Money on Hand $0
Money in Bank $1,028,858
Player Level 11
Horses 55 / 60

Player Points
Yesterday 0
This Week 4936
This Month 21620
All Time 526458
Show Winnings
Yesterday $0
This Week $1,565
This Month $1,981
All Time $56,826

Member Level
Level 11 Experience 100021 (42%) EXP Required 234816 EXP Left 134795

Mattie's Secret Valentine's Horse Divisions
For Sale and Trade 5 horses
Not trained today
GV's/Ponies/Morgans 13 horses
Not trained today
QH's/Paints/Mustangs/Appy's 15 horses
Not trained today
Rescues 4 horses
Not trained today
Traks/TB's/DWB's/Arabs/Tekes 18 horses
Not trained today

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Dutch Warmblood Association

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Show Jumping Association

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