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  • May 2020:
  • SLOT 1 - [Voodoo] - 5 credits for 400k
  • SLOT 2 - [SyLoBe] - 50 credits for 4 million evd
  • SLOT 3 - [SpanishMustang] - 20 credits for 1.6 million
  • SLOT 4 - [Crescent] - 9 credits for 720k
  • SLOT 5 - [OPEN]
  • SLOT 6 - [OPEN]
    Welcome to Stoneridge Acres! Here at Stoneridge, we strive to create the most accomplished Thoroughbred racehorses that we can! All of our horses are foundation bred, have 60 NSS or lower, and have a confirmation of 50.00 and higher! As of right now, we have 1 broodmare, a bunch of racehorses who are yet to show their talent, and a few yearlings and foals! We try to keep our ranch limited to only 20 foals, yearlings, and racehorses in all, however, sometimes you might see more. This is because we do not sell any of our homebred foals until they reach age 2 and are then sent off to auction! Each horse is priced at 7,000 evd but it's an auction so we will accept more sometimes! In terms of breeding, stud fees will be 5k and brood fees will be 7k. Mares will cost more due to the chance of twins. Our horses have different functions at different ages:

    0-3 = Training
    3-11 = Racing & Riding School
    12-14 = Riding School
    15-19 = Breeding (Once Per Week)
    20-22 = Retirement

    If you have any questions about anything, message us! 
    Hi y'all. My name is Ashley and I'm from California which is located in the pacific region of the United States. I absolutely dislike this state because of the heat. I work full time and do online school full time! I am on equiverse most days because I have a really boring job. I work in the security field and all we do is allow access at a residential community! I love horses, however, they are not my favorite animal. Bowhead whales are my favorite animals. Click here to see what they look like and hear what they sound like. They have a very rhythmic sound and it's very soothing to listen to. I have a cattle dog and my Siberian Husky died in 2019 due to cancer. I love to make new friends, however, I will not add people that I don't talk to on a regular basis. I never understood the point of adding friends on social media without having some sort of conversation with them. I guess I'm just "odd" as my mom likes to put it. I'm an adult player who was born in 1993. I love being a 90's kid! Those were the good ole days! Anyways wanna be a friend?, then message me and get to know me! I'm not opposed to making new friends, but we actually have to talk! :) 
    UPDATES (oldest to newest)
    March 31st, 2020:
    So I've created my very first model of my favorite racehorse, Ruffian! View her here! This horse has been an idol of mine for YEARS and I'm so happy I finally made one! Up next is Barbaro! Also, unfortunately due to COVID-19 and my getting it, I had to suspend any and all credit sales to save money, however, I am planning to start credit sales in May! I will repost a forums post! I apologize to all who requested credits and didn't recieve them. That is why I don't allow payments until the day before the exchange! Thank you for being so patient!

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