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"Dressage QHs and Lipizzans."

My horses specialize in dressage. Breeding goals, will be conformation and stats. I'm mainly interested in Quarter horses and Lipizzaners, but I occasionally have other breeds for sale-- I've found some of the horses and foals getting dumped in the RC can be nice little projects. Be sure to check out the sales barn while you're here.

I do not have a problem with buying, selling, or breeding to outside lines, to refuse cooperative game play sort of defeats the purpose of the game imo.

In real life, I own a painted Heinz-57. I work 8 hours a day so I can go to the barn and dote on her. She's a dressage school drop out, living with a dressage school dropout, and we spend most of our time trail riding, except for when we're pretending to be grand prix hopefuls.

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