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"♪Wake up!♪Get up!♪Get out there!♪"

♪There's more to life than their way♪

♪If you live you cannot stay♪

♪Why does nobody want change?♪


This is my main account! Here I breed Western Quarters and Paints, Driving Morgans, and a 4th mini herd that alternates breeds every generation (currently they're Endurance TWH). On my side account I work between several different projects including Driving Vanners, Dressage Andalusians, and my beloved Chincoteague herd that will always be messy, overgrown, and with no clear purpose XD.

I'm 19 and currently in my 3rd year of college where I'm majoring in Psychology. Right now I'm not sure what career I want just yet, but I would like to teach other people and spread awareness about mental health. These days it's much easier for me to talk to people than when I first came to EV, but there are still days where I can't hold a conversation. If you notice I haven’t replied to a message in a while, please don’t worry! I’m not ignoring you, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

After more than a year of drawing I think I'm comfortable taking commissions once in a while. I'm still unsure about the quality of my character designs, but if they interest anyone then I'm willing to do more!

Commission Status
Currently closed while I'm running my tag sale, check back in a few days!

-Tags and Sigs-
Examples (recolor availability, pricing, and more listed in notes)
*original forum threads are also linked for recoloring examples

Custom tags | $75k each
+ $25k for two horses together + $50k per recolor of the same custom lines
Custom sigs | $125k each
+ $25k per extra horse + $100k per recolor of the same custom lines

Examples | Flatsale Thread (currently sold out) | Past Flatsale Designs

Custom simple unnaturals | $100k-150k each
Custom simple naturals/complex unnaturals | $150k-250k each
Addons can be done | I will update with custom line pricing once I'm better at making them!

*if you'd rather not have your name listed here let me know!

Art goals and things I'm working on!
•Drawing my own full-sized lineart for both myself and everyone else on EV.
•Developing my own realistic style. Not that I'll stop using my current one! I just want to try something new, and I also feel like some of my ideas might be better expressed with a realistic style. :)
•Get better at shading and lighting, and figure out how to do it consistently.
•Practice making more natural designs and learn how appaloosa patterning works.

{My sales thread} {My ISO thread} {Sales Division}

All horses except my Morgans, my school horses, and a few others go up for private breeding at some point. In general, mares will be up from age 12-18 and stallions from 12-20. Some have restrictions on how many foals they can have, what age they will be available, etc. Please check their public notes before messaging me any questions about them. I am willing to consider reserve breedings and custom foals on most horses.

{Western Quarters Group A}

I breed for low NSS and aim to lower the overall NSS every generation. Color is a secondary focus, especially dun, champagne, roan, and tobiano. Each horse will have 2 foals at age 18 and 19, the first will be available for sale and the second will be for myself.

[Current State]

Naming Theme: Flowers!

Private Breeding: $12k each | 0 stallions available | 0 mares available
Foals for sale: $25k each | 0 available
NSS Range: 50-59 |  Confo Range: 53.24-59.48 | Generation: 2nd Gen

{Western Quarters Group B}

Can't actually remember why or how I got these four. XD

[Current State]

Naming Theme: none

Private Breeding: $30k each | 0 stallions available | 0 mares available
Foals for sale: $55k each | 0 available
NSS Range: 22-31 | Confo Range: 55.58-67.93 | Generation: Long-lined

{Western Paints}

Low NSS, but I only aim to keep it around 60 every gen. Same as my QH herd with color, but brown duns are my favorite. Starting from 19 each horse will have 1-2 foals, it depends on whether the first set of foals sells or not.
[Current State]

Naming Theme: shortened song titles

Private Breeding: $10k each | 4 stallions available | 0 mares available
Foals for sale: $25k each | 0 available *coming soon!
NSS Range: 49-62 | Confo Range: 52.75-61.54 | Generation: Foundation/2nd gens

{Driving Morgans}

My first breeding project, which I started on January 26th 2019. They are based off the No Cull Project so my only focus is to see what I get! Once the project is over I'll continue breeding Driving Morgans, this time with an extra focus on dun.
[Current State]

Naming Theme: spell names... (:

Private Breeding: $10k each | upon request only
NSS Range: 56-65 | Confo Range: 53.21-55.55 | Generation: 3rd gens

{Endurance TWH}

Originally these were Endurance Mustangs, but I'm switching out the breed every 5 months. These are less focused besides decent NSS and color. 
[Current State]

Naming Theme: pretty words!

Private Breeding: $8k each | 2 stallions available | 2 mares available
Foals for sale: $20k each | 0 available
NSS Range: 51-60 | Confo Range: 50.63-58.50 | Generation: Foundation

{Show and School herds}

The show herd has everything from horses that don't fit in any of the above herds, little projects and pairings, or horses I just think are neat. My most treasured ones are Wildcard, Opeli, and It's Only Love. Each one has a parent and grandparent I owned and was very fond of. My school herd has horses who aren't fit for showing, and it's also where all my older horses stay until they're gone. I do not accept breeding requests on school horses.


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