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Rubz Rescue

"39horses that need a good home! Would you adopt one?"

I'll take in all horses/foals, raise them, then send them off to a good home! If there's a certain horse you want that isn't for sale, message me and we'll work something out!

So please come buy some! It'll help make room for more, and you'll get a new pony :D

Also if you have horses you want me to take in, message me!

I also keep tabs on the horses that are sold, so please take 

good care of them!

Pixel ponies sold ~ 50

NOTE - I price based on STATS (Ie, 867 stats=$8600), but if you feel a price isn't right, message me to work something out!

Breeding Projects
-Solid Clydesdales and Appaloosas (will have S by name

-Dressage Shetlands

-Maybe Chestnut Frisians

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