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"I have boarding and RS available for everyone"

Welcome to Rainbow Horse Stables #121023

I am a player that likes to rescue older horses and have them live a great life before they die

I get horses from the rescue center quite often. 

I will have horses for sale from time to time. 

Account Information
Member Name Cowgirl
Member ID 121023
Account Type Deluxe (195 days left)
Joined October 14, 2018
Last Active 2020-04-03 14:08:05
Member Information
Money on Hand $102,472
Money in Bank $1,193,820
Player Level 11
Horses 25 / 100

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Player Points
Yesterday 0
This Week 0
This Month 0
All Time 334188
Show Winnings
Yesterday $0
This Week $0
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All Time $71,010

Member Level
Level 11 Experience 224017 (95%) EXP Required 234816 EXP Left 10799

Cowgirl's Horse Divisions
Dressage(RS) 0 horses
Foals 0 horses
Other 3 horses
Not trained today
Sale 0 horses
Show Horss LOCKED 20 horses
Not trained today
Western(RS) 2 horses
Not trained today

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