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"★ Enjoying The Game ★"

★ Horses Should Have Names, Not Numbers 

Friend Me If You Agree

★ I Am Big On Rescuing Horses, So Please Don’t Send Me Anything That Puts Down Any Of My Rescued Horses. I Have A Big Heart, And I Love Every Horse As If It Was Real 


Rescued A Bunch Of Sweethearts,

And Training All Of Them

Account Information
Member Name Lyre
Member ID 118868
Account Type Basic
Joined May 30, 2018
Last Active 2018-06-19 05:11:48
Member Information
Money on Hand $10,124
Money in Bank $125
Player Level 3
Horses 30 / 35

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All Time 13804
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All Time $669

Member Level
Level 3 Experience 12605 (96%) EXP Required 13045 EXP Left 440

Lyre's Horse Divisions
Dutch Warmbloods 13 horses
Not trained today
Elites In Training 17 horses
Not trained today

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Akhal-Teke Club

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