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"that's quite beyond endurance"

Hello, I'm Julia, team Poland ;) I'm 18 yo. Unfortunately, don't possess any horse irl now. 

 I have some goals I'm heading to in this game. The biggest one is the project 'solid colored appaloosas' (right column tells more about it). I am also thinking of adding some more projects which are in process.

On my other account Mirinda I have Arabians (flaxen and rabicano) and Welsh Ponies (almost all the colors).

Not long ago I created my very own stables DRWAL Meownies, so encourage you to visit it <3

Actually I'm just trying to have fun out here :))

On this account I breed Appaloosa horses. Currently I have like a little project called 'the solid colour project'. So if you have some of the next colours for sale, please message me.
- Brown Dun
- Classic Champagne Dun

- Classic Champagne
- Classic Cream Champagne
- Classic Cream Champagne Dun
- Amber Champagne Dun
- Gold Champagne
- Gold Champagne Dun
- Sable Champagne

- Smoky Cream Dun

By the way they CAN include silver or flaxen gene and such patterns as Varnish Roan, Rabicano and all possible face and leg marks. 

I also sale my horses very actively, so check them out if you want to. The main part is obviously Appaloosas (dressage), but I also have other breeds just for pleasure.

By the way, almost all the horses are available for brood, so PM and we can discuss the price ;)

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