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"Not going to be on much"

I have my own business and it is quite seasonal, it's currently busy season (until August/September) so I probably won't be on EV much.
  My Horses
I breed high level Dutch Warmbloods in both Show Jumping and Dressage. My main goal is high overall stats with low non specialty stats, conformation is not important to me. I am not a private breeder and love breeding to other breeders horses if they fit with my breeding goals. I will often have my mares and stallions available for stud/brood and often have horses for sale. My dressage DWBs are almost exclusively ones I've bred from foundation lines myself due to the lack of other dressage breeders. With my show jumpers I have a nice mix of outside lineage as well as foundation bred horses I have bred myself. For my foundation bred horses I'm currently working on my second generation as well as a couple third generation. So far I'm very happy with how they are all turning out!
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Currently sold out. If you're interested in ordering a foal from one of my breedings let me know!
  About Me
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  My Art
I'm a pretty artistic person and love to digitally draw and paint, although thanks to work I don't get to as much as I would like.
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Gemini - In progress
Royal Storm

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