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"Loving EV!"

This is my 3rd account, primary account found here: Benthe.
Note: This is one of my secondary accounts, and as such I don't check it as often as my primary account. If you have made an offer on one of the horses or sent me a message and haven't heard back, try sending a message to my primary account.

Roarton Rescue
A full listing of all horses available (sorted by Breed and Discipline) can be found here and is updated every Sunday: full listing

Highest Stat Foundation To Date: 959!

These herds are made up of adopted horses from the rescue centre, raised to have competitive stats before selling them to other players. My goals with this project are to:
a) raise competitive horses who would otherwise be deleted and 
b) increase the number of good quality (mostly foundation) horses at market.
The real intent being to make it easier to get started with high quality foundation lines, for players both established in and new to the breeds.

Some notes about these horses and services:
-All adult and non-stud/broodmare horses in the rescue herd are available for private sale at any time, the price adjusted as they age based on accumulated stats and conformation. Note, prices are flexible, message me if you want to negotiate. Horses for stud or broodmare can be "bought out" for at least $10,000 as well, though I can't list them for sale and stud at the same time so message me if you are interested in that. 
-Foals will be fully trained, then put up for sale once they settle down in terms of showing (ie. if I can get them to N3 in a couple of days, I will). If you are interested in a particular foal, message me, and I will send you a message as soon as it turns 3 years old and is available for purchase.
-They will be raised in either the discipline I adopted them in or, if I get to pick, whichever discipline they're best suited for.
-Horses with 600+ stats will be available for stud/broodmare (max. number of foals: 3). As horses cannot be up for stud and sale simultaneously, they will not be available for sale at this time. 
-If they reach the age of 19-20 without being adopted, they'll be bred and the foal will be sold at the marketplace.
-If you're interested in a particular kind of horse (ex. Black w/ Roan and a dressage specialty), send me a message! I'll keep an eye out, and if one comes up I'll message you back.
-I intend to expand this rescue to many different breeds of horses, however I will very likely only have a few unlocked at any one time due to time constraints.

Minimum Bid on horses:
[$200 per showing level] + [$100 for 80+ conformation] + [$100 for rare colours/markings]  (though prices are negotiable!).
If the horse is a high performer, it also comes with a Winners Circle background.
Note that at no point is the tack included with the horse.
If you feel the horse is worth more or you'd like to support the rescue, I am more than happy to accept larger bids (but it's entirely optional)!

Breeds Accepted in Rescue:


Dressage, Endurance, Racing, Show Jumping


Dressage, Driving, Endurance, Show Jumping


Dressage, Endurance, Show Jumping, Western

Dressage, Endurance, Racing, Show Jumping

Dressage, Driving, Endurance, Show Jumping


Dressage, Pulling

Dutch Warmbloods

Show Jumping, Dressage, Endurance


Dressage, Driving, Show Jumping

Gypsy Vanners
Dressage, Driving, Endurance, Show Jumping, Western


Dressage, Endurance, Show Jumping


Dressage, Endurance, Show Jumping, Western

Dressage, Endurance, Racing, Show Jumping, Western


Dressage, Show Jumping, Western

Quarter Horses
Dressage, Endurance, Racing, Show Jumping, Western

Tennessee Walking Horses

Dressage, Driving, Endurance, Show Jumping, Western

Dressage, Racing, Show Jumping


Dressage, Show Jumping

Personal Notes:

Dressage       Driving       Endurance        Racing        ShowJumping        Western
Str                Str                Str                  Str                    Str

  Spd              Spd               Spd               Spd                 Spd                   Spd

  Agi               Agi                Agi                Agi                  Agi                    Agi

  Int                Int                Int                 Int                  Int                    Int

  End              End               End               End                 End                    End

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