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Glass Tears

"aka Pony Paradise"

Hello and welcome to Glass Tears Stables, also known as Pony Paradise

Here, our main focus is ponies. Chincoteagues, Miniature Horses, Shetland Ponies, and Welsh Ponies.

All of our ponies here start training at a young age. Once they reach the age of 3, they will be competed. If they do good, they will be use for Competitions. If not, they will be used for lessons. But no matter what, they will all be loved and care for.

At the age of 20, they will be retired from everything, and live out their last 2 years in peace. The ponies in the sale barn, will be taken care of and trained until someone buys them.

If you see a pony that you simply adore, and wish to have, feel free to pm me and we might be able to work something out.

We would also love to buy/receive any unwanted ponies you have

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