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Sapphire Hills


Sapphire Mustangs is now Sapphire hills.
My only other account is Sapphire Acres.
i’m usually on EV starting around 11 a m EV time.
Every effort is made to feed, treat, train, and show/school daily. However, busy days in real life may sometimes get in the way of this.
I do not normally breed a horse before they are at least 10 years old, but i have occasionally bred early.
Horses are only allowed a max of 10 foals. However, i may make an exception if i purchase a horse that is over bred, in order to get a personal foal from them.
I breed for stats, color, and conformation.
My favorite coat colors are grullo, seal brown, any cream varient, any champagne varient, some sooty varients, and some silver varients. I have not seen enough flaxen horses to define it as a favorite, but i do like it.
Disliked coat color is gray. Horses found to be dominent for or carrying gray in their genetics will be the first to be sold or go to the rescue center if room is needed. They are amazing horses and do not deserve to be locked until i can get DNA tweaks for them.
Favorit marking? I love horses with stars on their faces and coronets on their legs.
Favorite patterns? splash, and roan. These will be my focus for all my horses.
Favorite EV back ground? Sunset beach.
I dislike random aging, so i raise all my horses until they are 15 years old. When they reach 15 years old, they are moved to their divisions and locked. If a paired horse has a mate that is older than 15, they will be raised until they are close to the same age as their intended mate. Horses are raised in groups, 1 specialty at a time.
Purchased horses, that are bred or lined are paired with foundations for breeding.
Horses are paired for the best conformation results, but it is not perfect and some results may not turn out well.
I will never pair 2 horses if they have the same poor areas.
The goal is to reduce non specialty stats as much as possible while increasing specialty stats.

Primary breeding focusses:

Mustangs for Endurance. Patterns: Splash, roan, and solid.
Shetlands for Driving. Patterns: Splash, roan, and solid.
QHs for Western. Patterns: Splash, roan, and solid.
Thoroughbreds for Dressage. Patterns: Splash and solid.
Paints for Show Jumping. Patterns: Splash, roan, and solid.
Akhal-Tekes for Racing. Patterns: Roan, splash,  and solid.
Welsh Ponies for Endurance. Patterns: Roan and solid.
Arabians for Dressage. Patterns: Sabino and solid.
TWHs for Western. Patterns: Splash, solid, and roan.
Andalusians for Racing. Patterns: Solid.
Appaloosas for Show Jumping. Patterns: Varnish roan and splash.
Dutch Warmbloods for Driving. Patterns: Roan and solid.

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Money in Bank $60,300
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Sapphire Hills's Horse Divisions
001| Foaling Barn (Ages 0 to 2) 8 horses
Trained today
002| In training (3 to 15 years old) LOCKED 60 horses
Not trained today
003| Beautiful Elders (Retired, 21) 1 horses
Not trained today
005| Mustang Mares (Endurance) LOCKED 18 horses
Not trained today
006| Mustang Stallions (Endurance) LOCKED 12 horses
Not trained today
007| Thoroughbred Mares (Dressage) LOCKED 29 horses
Not trained today
008| Thoroughbred Stallions (Dressage) LOCKED 21 horses
Not trained today
009| Shetland Mares (Driving) LOCKED 35 horses
Not trained today
010| Shetland Stallions (Driving) LOCKED 14 horses
Not trained today
011| Quarter Horse Mares (Western) LOCKED 35 horses
Not trained today
012| Quarter Horse Stallions (Western) LOCKED 19 horses
Not trained today
013| Paint Horse Mares (Show Jumping) LOCKED 10 horses
Not trained today
014| Paint Horse Stallions (Show Jumping) LOCKED 12 horses
Not trained today
015| Appaloosa Mares (Show Jumping) LOCKED 22 horses
Not trained today
016| Appaloosa Stallions (Show Jumping) LOCKED 22 horses
Not trained today
017| Akhal Tekes (Racing) LOCKED 39 horses
Not trained today
018| TWHs (Western) LOCKED 44 horses
Not trained today
019| Arabians (Dressage) LOCKED 31 horses
Not trained today
020| Welshes (Endurance) LOCKED 11 horses
Not trained today
021| andalusians (Racing) LOCKED 25 horses
Not trained today
022| Dutch Warmbloods (Driving) 22 horses
Trained today
023| E stud And Brood only (Wrong Pattern combos.) LOCKED 2 horses
Trained today
Actively Showing/Schooling 4 horses
Trained today
Feeding hay cubes (To Convert Training) 16 horses
Trained today
Geldings 1 horses
Trained today
Gray Tweaks Needed! LOCKED 2 horses
Not trained today
To Be Moved LOCKED 0 horses

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