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Rising Sun Acres


Hi! Welcome to RSA - Rising Sun Acres 

We specialise in four disciplines with nine different breeds. 

The Horses:

With all my horses stats come first, I aim to breed high stated horses that will do well in competition. My horses are a mixture of foundation lines and lined pedigrees. I always aim to have the lowest ns stats as possible but sometimes with the breeds I have I need to breed into other disciplines to find any good stock. Next comes conformation, of course I try to have well conformed horses but as I said stats come first. Colour comes last for me, and honestly isn't a big deal to me, but I do try and breed a wide range of colours and patterns to make my stock more appealing to others. 

  • Dressage - Andalusian/Lipizzaner

  • Endurance - Arabian/Akhal-Teke 

  • Show Jumping - Welsh Pony/Chincoteague 

  • Western - Quarter Horse/Appaloosa/Morgan 

Naming System:
All horses; even if they have not been bred by me will have this symbol in front of their name±. This is to symbolise that they are apart of RSA. If a horse has RS next in their name it means they are bred by me. 
After their names there will be a set of letters and symbols to help me identify who is who:
(AN = Andalusian/ L = Lipizzaner/ A = Arabian/ AT = Akhal-Teke/ W = Welsh Pony/ C = Chincoteague/ Q = Quarter Horse/ AP = Appaloosa/ M = Morgan)
After there there will be another set of letters for identification: Note if a horse is under 65.00 in conformation it will only be used in riding schools and never entered in competitions whilst I own it, also once a horse reaches 18 years old I wont enter it in competitions only riding schools: 
(B = Mare under 65.00 conformation/ S = Stallion under 65.00 conformation/ BC = Mare over 65.00 conformation/ SC = Stallion over 65.00 conformation/ B- or S- = A horse over the age of 18 years old of any conformation/ N = Gelding or Mare that I don't see fit for breeding under 65.00 conformation/ NC = Gelding or Mare that I don't see fit for breeding over 65.00 conformation) N and NC wont be seen often. 
There is also one final symbol * this tells me the grey status of a horse: 
(No * after name = gg/ * = Gg/ ** = GG)
So for example: ± RS (horse name) [M/BC]** Would be a Morgan Mare with over 65.00 conformation bred by me who is GG
I try to price my horses as fairly as possible. I will always take offers on my horses but please don't offer half of what I am asking.
I base my prices on this: 
2,000  for each 100 stats - I then add on extra depending on if the horse is gene tested, its conformation, colour, pedigree etc
I always have horses for sale, they can be found here Sales

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