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"hold my muffin"

BANDIT #114038
I'm a girl living in the USA. I love horses, music, school, and my dog, and enjoy playing flute in the school band, reading, horseback riding of the western variety, collecting my model horses, playing horse sims/games, and art. Roleplaying is fun, too. I'm often lurking the forums, looking for or roleplaying. :D
I have a dog named Bandit (hence my username) and he is some sort of black-and-white, long-haired, hypoallergenic Jack Russell Terrier mix with big brown eyes. He's such a cuddlebug and needy little thing that loves his sweaters and long walks.
I have Cerebral Palsy and just recently got my (hopefully) last surgery done in October. I ride horses as therapy to help me stretch and help my muscles in my legs. Things are going well with recovery!
I'm also collaborating with WalkTrotCanter on Endurance TBs. They have Stallions and I have Mares.

I rescue unwanted geldings/horses! They are all used in the Riding School across my accounts. If you have any horses you'd like to get rid of, please message me!

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🎶Bandit🎶's Horse Divisions
a. Showing LOCKED 10 horses
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b. SJ Chincos LOCKED 13 horses
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c. Endurance TBs w/WTC LOCKED 6 horses
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d. Foals 0 horses
e. Welshes- Gen 2 LOCKED 6 horses
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f. Paints LOCKED 8 horses
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g. Foundations under 3 (haycubed) LOCKED 15 horses
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h. Other Paints and QHs LOCKED 20 horses
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Not trained today
j. Riding School- SJ LOCKED 1 horses
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k. Riding School- Endurance 0 horses
l. Riding School- Western LOCKED 7 horses
Not trained today
m. Riding School- Driving LOCKED 11 horses
Not trained today
n. Riding School- Racing LOCKED 5 horses
Not trained today
o. Riding School- Dressage LOCKED 11 horses
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p. Experiment LOCKED 15 horses
Not trained today
q. Empty LOCKED 6 horses
Not trained today
r. Locked Pons 0 horses

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