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Lily's Rescues

"Hello :)"

Adoption Fees
2k/2,500 for foundation horses or a horse who has one or both parents that are listed as deceased.

5k for lined horses.

Personal Lines
Currently I breed Tennessee Walking Horses, set for the Western discipline. I haven't really worked with them in awhile, I should unlock them. (8/11/19)
About Lily's Rescues
I'll take in almost any horse, provided I have the room. I'll buy your unwanted horses for 500 EVD! That's more than what it cost you to put them in the RC so, hey, you'll be saving yourself some money and getting something back as well!

All horses are available for sale, so long as their happiness is at 100%! If a horse reaches 20 years old and doesn't sell, they will be moved to the Mascot section and will live out the rest of their days here. Although, if you happen to glance in there and see one you want, let me know!

The only horses that these rules don't apply to are the horses in my personal lines division :) 

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