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Clover Note Stables

"ID #112792"

My main focuses are my dressage Trakehners and my show jumping Dutch Warmbloods.

• Trakehners are being bred at 16, 18, and 20. The best 1-2 foals from each pair are kept and the rest are sold. Currently no plans to put any up for stud/brood, but will consider in the future.

• Dutch Warmbloods are being bred at 16, 18, and 20. The best 1-2 foals from each pair are kept, the rest are sold. All (excluding foundations) will be put up for private stud from ages 5 - 14 and have a total of 3 slots available for outside breedings. 20% discount for Dutch Royalty Club members, PM me and I’ll offer the discount :)

• I also breed dressage Appaloosas, western Miniature Horses, and racing Quarter Horses, although they are not my focus. I am willing to stud out any of them, just PM me and we can discuss details :)

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Member Name Clover Note Stables
Member ID 112792
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Joined July 12, 2017
Last Active 2020-01-27 18:38:57
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Money on Hand $102,521
Money in Bank $20,063,654
Player Level 20
Horses 240 / 260

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1) Dutch Warmbloods - Jumper 4 horses
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2) Trakehners - Dressage 14 horses
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3) Riding School Herd 8 horses
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4) Locked LOCKED 214 horses
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5) Retired 0 horses

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