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Coconut the dog

"Minis for sale!"

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Coconut the dog

A memorial to lost horses: Morning Light, Hazelnut, Traveling Storm, Salted Caramel, Rocket, Silver Sun, Top of the Line, Reed, Lightning, Sunshine, Black Star, Bandit, Fire, Almond, Cloud, Midnight, Moonlight, Reena, Blizzard, Coconut, Selene, Snowfall, Caramel Swirl, Nightmare, Sea Dweller, Fire in the Hills, Blown Glass, Milena, Misty, Winter, Spark of Life, Windblown Landscape, Ashes over Bronze, Lil' Mister, Fierce Wind, Gold Heart, Remember Me, Shaft of Light, Rosy Dawn, Upstanding Cloud
If you wish for one of your horses to breed with mine and mine is not available to breed, please let me know and I will make him/ her available for stud/brood for a very small price. Thank you! ^^ I hope you have a nice day, no matter where you are! (Well, it might be night where you are ... in that case,have a nice night! ;D )

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Miniature Horses - Western 4 horses
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