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please contact me on my main account found here - this is a locking/side account!

Maine originally joined EV as Maine 27151, however due to a break of absence, the account login was lost and the 'original' Maine was lost in the recode.

I originally bred Mustangs, Gypsy Vanners and Thoroughbreds as my 3 main breeds, and had Irish Draughts, Trakehners and a few other breeds on the side. 
I now have Trakehners, Gypsy Vanners, Andalusians and Thoroughbreds as my main breeds, with some Appaloosas, Akhal Tekes and I'll most likely have a few horses of other breeds too. 
I am also currently undertaking a Paint Horse project, which will be moved to my second account Maine Too, along with my driving Tenessee Walking Horses and my Welsh Ponies and Chincoteague Ponies, along with horses sent over for locking. 

I am a 20 year old girl from Ireland, and I own one horse, my wonderful Barney. He's a 2001 cob gelding (although he's part trotter), and he was recently diagnosed with arthritis in his coffin joint, and at the moment I'm not sure how sound he'll be and for how long he'll be sound. We did do a bit of jumping, which is what he enjoys and is actually really good at, for a horse who can't really canter.
I've been riding for 13, nearly 14 years and have owned Barney since I was 14. I currently work for an eventer, and one of the biggest perks is being able to learn on the job. I essentially am a bit like a groom and stablehand rolled into one, and I absolutely love my job.
I'm hoping to go to university in Dublin, Cork or Limerick to study politics or history. I don't know what I'm going to do with Barney when I'm away, as his arthritis is going to make him hard to rehome, but part of me hopes to bring him with me.
I don't really compete much, although I wish I did. I've always wanted to showjump, however now am leaning towards possibly trying eventing if the opportunity presents itself!
outside of horses, I enjoy watching rugby and support Ulster Rugby. My favourite players are Ian Madigan (although not necessarily for his rugby skills), Josh Van Der Flier (partly for his rugby skills) and probably Sonny Bill Williams.

Maine produces several breeds of horses as part of Madigan Performance Horses. As part of this breeding programme, we only sell top quality horses and provide proven studs and broodmares to the general public.
The decision was made not to return to Mustangs, and instead Maine now specialises in
Akhal Teke racehorses, Thoroughbred racehorses, showjumping & dressage Gypsy Vanners and showjumping & dressage Trakehners
There are also a few side breeds, these originally started as Appaloosas (breeding for colour) and Andalusians (breeding for sentimental reasons). Any projects will be sorted into a project division.

Our horses are all sorted by breed and discipline, and all homebred horses use different naming techniques dependant on breed.
TRAKEHNERS are all given Afrikaans names, regardless of speciality. I try and combine parents names and then translate them to Afrikaans. 
GYPSY VANNERS are all (mostly) given French names, selected often at random and from random phrases/word combinations

AKHAL TEKES are given Arabic names (in their English forms/characters)

THOROUGHBREDS have a combination of parents/pedigree names in English, foundations all being named after random words/phrases rather than any real racehorses

APPALOOSAS are all named after ancient Roman families, with each being given a praenomen and coginomen that will be passed on to foals (foundations having the original praenomen/coginomens)

ANDALUSIANS all have either fashion designer or Spanish themed names.

PANGARE GYPSY VANNERS are a project/pangare line of Gypsy Vanners,all named after Greek Gods.

WELSH PONIES are named after characters from Arthurian legend (on Maine Too)

CHINCOTEAGUE PONIES are named after Egyptian gods, pharoahs and significant figures (on Maine Too)

TENESSEE WALKING HORSES are all driving horses, named largely at random, with a few being named after Graceland/TV shows (on Maine Too)

currently I am working on the AA PAINT HORSE PROJECT and have over 60 paint horses. The majority of these Paints will go to my second account once they've completed their role in the project.

My aims for breeding are for performance horses, with high stats, clean lines, decent conformation and for colour. I am hoping to start a line of mealy Gypsy Vanners, and possibly tobiano Trakehners. 
I will hopefully soon have a second account up and running, and will be transferring my Appaloosas and Andalusians or my Akhal Tekes and Thoroughbreds to this account.

The Madigan is located in the rolling green hills of Ireland, and despite currently being relatively small in size, features state of the art arenas and stabling. The Madigan is constantly expanding to provide the best facilities for liveries, training and as a show ground. 

The Madigan specialises primarily in showjumping, dressage and racehorses. We have both flat racing and national hunt racing. 

The Madigan also prides itself in breeding Madigan Performance Horses, as part of Maine's breeding programme. 

Currently, The Madigan is still under development with only 3 novice arenas and over 150 stables.

The Madigan Riding Centre was recently opened, and uses a wide range of horses suitable for all types of riders. We provide schooling services as part of our lessons, and offer group and private lessons as well as trekking. Our instructors are experienced, dedicated members of staff who look after not just our riders but the horses too to make sure they are both learning and flourishing as they should be. 

My character website can be found here
I have a wide range of characters, from Greek heros, to Les Mis characters, to Roman emperors - below are my main/favourite characters.

bragi   -   nero   -   lucy   -   e.   -   r.   -   argo   -   dís

I also have a few unnamed characters. 
all my characters (bar the Les Mis characters and Bragi) are based off the idea of the 'Olympus Warmblood', with various offshoots and types appearing. Nero and Vespasian, for example, are both an Italian/Roman offshoot and create the Italian/Roman type. some of the unnamed characters or currently unused characters have yet to have their true identity decided.
The Olympus Warmbloods originated as the horses of the Greek Pantheon, and were gifted to their children with mortal men and women, the demi-gods. Over centuries, the Olympus Warmbloods became wild as their numbers decreased and the remaining horses seemed to only truly be tameable by those with true power. Many princes came from far and wide to take one of these famed horses, but found they became entirely unmanageable and wild in their care. This caused the horses to lose their allure after several princes and high powered figures lost their lives due to the highly strung, hot nature of the horses. There was one stallion that was discovered, tame and broken to saddle but with a wild temper by a young boy who recognised him as one of the rare wild horses that for centuries had run around the mountains without anyone being able to catch and tame them. The boy, the son of a farmer from an old family, named the horse Argo, and the Olympus Warmblood was saved.


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