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I currently am less active than I would like to be, due to school and time commitments however I am still trying to pop on when I can and keep my horses ticking over!
I am currently trying to get the Coloured Horse Club back up and running, not that it isn't running but to make us a bit more of an active club. However due to time commitments this also may suffer a little bit.
As a result of my time off, I've had to lock my Paint and rescue horse projects for now (as well as many of my foundies) and will need to cut back on my active competition horses too, so expect to see a lot of sales!

I own far, far too many horses, even when I try and cut down.

When I played EV as the original Maine (#27151) I primarily bred Mustangs, Thoroughbreds, Akhal Tekes, Andalusians and Gypsy Vanners with a few side breeds. I now breed Trakehners, Thoroughbreds, Andalusians, Gypsy Vanners and Akhal Tekes and have a few breed projects I'm working on.

All my horses are bred and produced as part of The Madigan Performance Sport Horses. One of the aims of my breeding program is to breed high quality, affordable horses for sales. This means that I don't always keep the 'best' horses for myself, and there are always horses for sale due to not fitting the breeding program currently.

My Trakehners are bred for colour, stats and conformation. They are nearly all specialised in showjumping, however there are a few who are dressage trained. I aim for the tobiano (TT) gene as well as the cream gene in my horses. I often have several Trakehners for sale, and offer many studs. All of my homebred Trakehners (bar one or two) are named with Afrikaans words/phrases, often combinations or related to their parents names. I aim for my Trakehners to be quality but affordable horses accessible to anyone, and always have foals on the ground as either part of my breeding program, to be produced and sold or for sale. Another minor aim with Trakehners is to breed the biggest horses possible. Our Trakehners have recently begun to reach the standard were youngstock (under 3 years) are offered for sale, as well as older horses who are already showing and being produced.

My Thoroughbreds are bred for stats and colour. They are all specialised in racing, with no exceptions. I aim to breed the splash (SpSp/Spsp), frame overo (Oo) and rabicano (RbRb/Rbrb) gene into my horses, as well as cream. I offer a variety of studs and sales of my thoroughbreds, meaning there always is a variety of my lines on the market. All of my homebred Thoroughbreds are named with combinations of their parents names, and sometimes using combined names from further back in their pedigrees. Like real thoroughbreds, some of our thoroughbreds are line bred. Whilst I do not actively try to line breed, occasionally it does happen further back in the generations. Personally, I see no issue with this due to the amount of real life thoroughbreds who have Native Dancer/Mill Reef/Raise A Native/Sadler's Wells in their lines. Like Trakehners, one of my minor goals is to breed taller Thoroughbreds. Our Thoroughbreds have recently begun to reach the standard where more will be produced and accepted for sale.

My Andalusians are bred for colour, stats and conformation. They specialise in dressage. I'm aiming to breed non-grey Andalusians and for the cream and rabicano genes, and eventually the dun gene. All homebreds are usually given Spanish names with a few exceptions, again usually combinations of their parents names or names in their pedigrees. There are usually studs and sales available. 

My Gypsy Vanners are bred for colour and stats. They specialise in either dressage or driving. I aim to breed for dun and silver. My Gypsy Vanners are all bred with specialist stats, and I aim to keep specialist stats discipline specific, as many modern EV Gypsy Vanners have high non-specialist stats. This does mean occasionally there are high statted Gypsy Vanners for sale with non-specialist stats in highly reduced prices. There are a few showjumping Gypsy Vanners, however these are for private use. We offer all Gypsy Vanners for sale with assurance of quality, and they are marked with price appropriate for their stats and the spread of their stats.

My Akhal Tekes are slightly more of a side project, bred for stats and colour. Our main goal is to breed high statted Akhal Teke racehorses that feature sooty, cream and sabino. Akhal Tekes are still very much a work in progress, with many foundations being an important part of the breeding program, and our first foals on the ground from them are still in progress.

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