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♧Equine Haven Stock♧

"Good horses cheap"


A beautifully amazing life taken to soon

"If you love a person genuinely enough that they give you joy, they become your drug"

Welcome to Acorn Acres

Here I focus on a few different things 

Appaloosas -


•Blanket paterns

•high stats and confo


•Champagne genes


•chestnut coat color

•Driving and dressage prospects

•star face marking

(Storage) Quarter horses-

•High stats and confo

•sought after colors

•Flaxen genes


•High stats


•Flaxen Genes

•I love pretty much anything flaxen!•

Anything for sale will be in the sales division

Almost all stallions will be for public stud around age 16

Check divisions for studs  (:

If you see a stallion who isnt for stud, just message me! I will most likely allow you to breed him 1 or 2 times (:

Mares usssualy aren't for brood, but if you see one you really really like just message me and we can see if she's able to be bred (: 

I take pride in my appaloosa herd! I've worked so hard with them and am so proud of the herd I have going! One day I hope to be a well known appy breeder like windspun and Cns ^^ 

Since people seem to like to buy my horses and kill them or geld the colts and just dump them in the rescue center, rarely will i sell horses and if i do, they will all be for private bid and certain people will not be permitted to buy from me.

Anything for sale will be in sales division 

I also have a rescue account. All rescues sell for 2000$

The account number is 122299 

Feel free to drop off a horse at the rescue 

Rescue will open in the future 

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