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♧Equine Haven Stock♧

"Good horses cheap"


A beautifully amazing life taken to soon

"If you love a person genuinely enough that they give you joy, they become your drug"

Welcome to Acorn Acres

Here I focus on a few different things 

Appaloosas -


•high stats and confo



•chestnut coat color

•Driving and dressage prospects

•star face marking

(Storage) Quarter horses-

•High stats and confo

•sought after colors

•Flaxen genes

Andalusians - ALL FOR SALE!

Akhal Tekes -

•Cream Genes

•Sooty markings

•I love pretty much anything flaxen!•

Almost all stallions will be for public stud around age 16

Check divisions for studs  (:

If you see a stallion who isnt for stud, just message me! I will most likely allow you to breed him 1 or 2 times (:

Mares usssualy aren't for brood, but if you see one you really really like just message me and we can see if she's able to be bred (: 

I take pride in my appaloosa herd! I've worked so hard with them and am so proud of the herd I have going! 

Anything for sale will be in Unassigned 

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The Red Devil Friesians LOCKED 36 horses
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